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Who: Reader x Park Chanyeol What: Romance/ College AU/ Fluffy Story: The ever so sunshiny Park Chanyeol becomes infatuated with you after seeing your performance on the ice but your busy schedule has you always running out on him. This boy won't stop until he has your complete attention on him so he can confess... Y/n's POV It was already the second semester of college and you felt like the year couldn't be going any slower. Between studying for classes and practice, you didn't know where things ended and where they began; your stress level was a never ending stream. Your mother was a tiger, when it came to your figure skating, there was no such thing as slacking off. Your father wanted you to be a doctor like him so your studies were just as important to you so you didn't disappoint. From the outside, you looked like the perfect happy, determined figure skater. You gave one hundred and ten percent and much more if possible. Nothing could stop you but on the inside you were dying. You were exhausted from constantly getting up at five in the morning to practice and then at nine your sore body headed into morning classes. When lunch came, you slept rather than ate and during study in the library, just after your last class of the day, you'd eat a bag of chips just to survive. Your elder brother was your roommate, despite being step siblings, Yixing adored you and looked after you like you were his sister. Ever since the divorce, your mother and father fought over your future: professional skater or doctor? Frankly you didn't have the energy to go against either of their wishes. You were a natural born skater and when you started at a young age you loved it. When you turned eight, your world came crashing down. The fights between your mother and your father got worse. As a result of the divorce, your mother came down harder on you and your skating. Your father was not as strict but just as determined to get you to do something with your life. He sent you to the school you wanted to go to and paid for both yours and Yixing's housing when it was time for you to go to college. You only needed to get an education and although he never forced the decision on you, you were aware he wanted you to go into the medical field. His not so subtle hints were the key to your final decision. Your morning alarm went off and by alarm, you knew it was your mother ringing your phone for you to get up to practice. You groaned as you reached for the phone to answer it. Now, every part of you wanted to answer the phone like this, "What do you want Dragon lady?" But, both knowing what she wanted already and being trained by yours truly, you responded in the appropriate manner. "Hello mother." You said groggy. "Get up and be at the rink by five." She said. "Yes Eomma." You responded. She hung up the phone shortly after. Perhaps there was a time when your mother was a warmer human being. She was sweet and caring and gentle and then post divorce turned her into a dragon and you hated it. Not necessarily her, after all she was your mother and you'd love her no matter what but she was a hard woman to take. If your life was a drama she'd be the evil mother you secretly hoped got killed off some how just so you didn't have to watch her on screen anymore. The comparison sounded crueler than how you felt but between you and Yixing it was quite obvious you liked your father more; or rather you preferred his company more. At least your father was bearable. He was the lesser of the two evils. You jumped out of bed and ran through your morning routine. The rink was only a few blocks from your apartment but if was in the opposite direction of your school. You were going to have to drive no matter what. You walked out of the bathroom and down the hall, hearing familiar sounds coming from Yixing's room. You cracked his door open and said, "Xing I'm gone." "Okay, enjoy your practice Y/n." He smiled. "I'll try. Hey have you slept at all?" "Not a wink, I found some inspiration. I haven't been able to stop all night." He said. You chuckled and told him to make sure he got some rest. You were envious of Yixing. He got to follow his passion of music making even being able to go to school for it meanwhile you were falling into the shadow of your parents. Did you even have a passion of your own? You left the house after grabbing an apple as your sustenance and drove off to the rink where your morning routine continued. You did one hundred jumps with a jump rope, you ran for a good ten minutes and then stretched for another ten. By the time five thirty rolled around, you were ready to go on the ice. There was something freeing about moving that quickly on the ice. You almost felt like flying, your spins were thrilling and your jumps were exhilarating. You did enjoy ice skating especially when you got to choose the song for your competition. BTS had come out with their Wings album and Suga wrote the song First Love. The moment you heard it you claimed that was the song you'd use for your solo. Not that the other boys didn't have passion in their voices when they sang their solo's but Suga's reached your heart. The strength behind his voice and the magic in his words made putting up with your tiger mom at five o'clock in the morning bearable. It made it worth it. The same thing was true when you performed to a song by U-Kiss called Believe. The beat was fantastic but the dance you and your partner, Kim Yeonggyo made was amazingly difficult. The song was a bit fast paced but the complex nature of the dance was what got you two first place. Yeonggyo was off competing in the states and you were glad to be rid of him for a while. As great of a skater as he was, he was an even greater ass and you were too happy to be doing a solo. Both your mother and his coach liked you two as partners though, honestly both your dynamics on ice clicked well. Your bodies moved in sync and made every movement fluid and natural, in a way your partnership made enough sense but god you hated him. You were pretty sure his coach was going to be your mother's third husband though they were both eccentric enough to click but at the same time you saw those two ending in disaster just like her last marriage, "Y/n don't get lazy raise your arms." She shouted. In your head you screamed, "I'm not being lazy I'm tired woman!" In reality your response was, "Yes Eomma." Your mother's dreams at being a professional figure skater died the day she got pregnant with you. Your parents were childhood friends and then high school sweethearts then right at the age of eighteen she put everything on the back burner to take care of you and to support your father through medical school. Some resentment must've built up in her towards your father to result in such a bitter divorce and an even worse relationship there after. Childhood friends, now sworn enemies and you a product of both sides caught in the middle of the feud. You were always so busy, no wonder you internalized so much. You believed your mother resented you in some way and so she lived out the dreams she gave up for you through you. Once your father became a doctor she was sure she'd go back to skating but that wasn't the case. Appa was always busy and sometimes even got called away in the middle of the night and Eomma was always there to take care of you. So many dreams lost, so many opportunities missed now it was up to you to bring home the gold for her sake. It was the least you could do. Closer to the competitions was normally when you and your mother got into fights. It was a month of built up, pent up rage at her constant criticism that would result in you eventually snapping out on her, walking off and then calling her the next day to apologize for your words. You were getting closer to that point right now. "Go back and do it again your form is sloppy." She said. "In what fucking way is it sloppy?" You wanted to snap. Your actual response was, "Mom what do you want me to fix about my form?" "Straighten up, your arms need to be stronger." She said. You nodded and ran through it again. Listening to the beginning of the song through, you felt your heart stir. Suga's voice came to your ears and you concentrated on that sound and the feeling it gave you. You moved, right foot then left; you turned on one foot and glided then did your backwards cross over twice and then turned back to the front. You were on your tip toes and twirled in two complete revolutions before you glide backwards again. You did a toe hop and set up to do a small spin. With each note Suga rapped to, your movements became more focused and powerful. You were concentrated on the sound of his voice. The music rose and your heart began to beat faster. You moved with passion and precision, you felt awake. You felt alive. By the end of the song, you felt proud of the effort you put into the routine and you believed you had done justice to Suga's song. You mother had not felt the same. "Go through it again. You missed a count, your moving too quickly." Mother knows best... Chanyeol's POV Chanyeol lived in an apartment with two other boys: Byun Baekhyun and Kim Jongdae. These two boys were his closest friends and he had so much fun with them. Chanyeol was a bit on the hyper side even more than his super best friend Baekhyun.
He was a sweet soul though he was practically the face of innocence. Chanyeol had only one love interest in highschool but aside from getting to hold her hand once at an arcade and a soft peck on the lips Chanyeol had never been in a real relationship. Jongdae always said it took a remarkable woman to put up with his hyperness and an even more special woman to make him calm down. Chanyeol never seemed to be out right looking for a woman to be with, in fact with all the cute girls vying for his attention he seemed a bit oblivious to girls feelings. The same was true the day he ran into Y/N. He never noticed that she didn't notice his infatuation with her but he was so stunned by her he immediately fell for her. Kyungsoo, a mutual friend of Jongdae and Baekhyun, had invited them to see a competition just outside of Seoul. Baekhyun took Chanyeol along, claiming they were going to support Kyungsoo's friend and Chanyeol wanted something to do so he tagged along. They sat up high enough where they could look down on the ice and the rest of the audience. Jongdae and Chanyeol sat together and Baekhyun and Kyungsoo eventually joined them. "What are they going to do?" Chanyeol asked. "We're here to support Y/n. She's been working really hard on her ice skating routine. She said her mother's been driving her crazy too." Kyungsoo said with a small smile. "How long have you known her Kyungsoo?" Jongdae asked. "Hm since junior year of high school." Kyungsoo said. "She's hard to approach, she's always moving a mile a minute. I said hi to her once and she waved but continued talking; she never even stopped to look at me." Baekhyun laughed. "I told you she's always busy. Sometimes she seems rude even though she doesn't mean it. Her life is just mapped out for her. She doesn't get to have fun often." Kyungsoo explained. "Hey we're having a party Saturday you should tell her to come." Chanyeol said excited. "I can tell her but I doubt she'll have time." Kyungsoo said. Chanyeol couldn't fathom the amount of work Y/n had to put into her routine's. He had no idea how much her life was dictated by her parents wants and needs, all he knew was happiness and freedom. It was almost as if their meeting was fated. The lights dimmed and the boys shushed each other, namely Chanyeol. The ice was the only thing lit and the announcer called out the first skaters, a duo that skated together as if skates had been attached to their feet all their lives. Chanyeol marveled at the sight of a man dressed in all black, his V neck deep enough to show his pecs and his hair slicked back. He marveled at the woman he danced with and twirled around on the ice. She was beautiful, her brown hair in a bun with a band of rhinestones around the bun and sparkling in the light. She wore a purple dress, the kind of color seen in the fall and her dress had a long tail. They did the tango on the ice together as if they weren't being watched at all but diving into their own love story. Chanyeol watched with a large grin, soaking up the performance like it was his favorite idol group on stage. He was in awe of how fluidly the people moved on ice skates. One group after the other, all the way to the solo's, Chanyeol watched with a smile and made noises when they jumped or spun or when a male partner lifted the female in the air. Then it was her turn. "Oh hey she's up next." Kyungsoo said excited. They all watched closely as the last skater got off the ice. Chanyeol caught sight of a brown haired girl with a light blue dress that glittered in the only light that shinned on the room; people sitting down front were already taking pictures of her. She was serious looking, focused but Chanyeol thought she was beautiful. She had white skates and nude tights on, her hair had a blue flower stuck in her bun with another brilliant rhinestone in the middle of it. Kyungsoo pointed to that beautiful girl and said, "There she is that's Y/n." An older woman walked up to her and spoke into her ear and Y/n nodded to her before stepping out onto the ice and taking a resting stance. The announcer presented her name and her resident skating rink, that didn't mean much to Chanyeol and the song she'd be doing her routine to. When he heard it was First Love by Suga, he got excited and grabbed Baekhyun, "I love this song!" He said excited. Baekhyun laughed while Kyungsoo shushed them both. The music began and Y/N took off, first moving slow to the same tempo as the music. She looked focused and disciplined but she drew in Chanyeol's attention
much more than the others. Her speed picked up with the tempo of the song but the precision in her movements were as strong and as sharp as Suga's voice. There was so much power in her performance Chanyeol found himself with his jaw dropped and leaning forward, his eyes taking in every movement she made. When she jumped and spun three times in the air, he got excited and clapped his hand happily. His smile was so wide, his ears perked up a bit. Her arms were dynamic, her legs were strong and sharp, her face showed how she felt, not about the performance but about the song itself. This was what drew Chanyeol into her far more than the other skaters. They may have been just as dedicated to skating as she was but none of them showed such an amazingly powerful connection to the song they chose or the words within them. None of them had moved his heart as much as her performance did. She did her last one foot spin fast and then it slowed and she some how stopped it only to have her other foot in front and her dominant foot in the back. She glided back beautifully, even the way her fingers took position seemed intentional and beautiful. She took her final pose and the song ended and the crowd erupted in an applause. Chanyeol clapped loud, hard and so excited. There was only one skater after her but he found himself replaying her performance over and over again in his head. He never saw someone so disciplined before. "Can I meet her?" Chanyeol asked Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo nodded with a little smile. Chanyeol had no idea how Y/N's routine affected his friends but he knew how it affected him. He was absolutely bewitched by this amazing performance. When they announced the winners for the solo's, he was not surprised to find that she'd gotten first place. Based off her performance and the audience's reaction, he would've been disappointed if she took second or third. Kyungsoo led the boys down the stars and headed to see Y/N. Photographers were taking her photo with the woman that spoke with her earlier and Jongdae happened to notice one close bystander holding her bouquet of flowers. "Wait is that Zhang Yixing? Is she dating him?" Jongdae asked. Some odd twist Chanyeol only felt one other time in his life came to his stomach but was soon relieved when he heard Kyungsoo's light chuckle. "No he's her step brother, they live together. He's very supportive of her." He said. Chanyeol smiled excited to be getting closer to her. Yixing hugged her before he walked of with the woman that spoke to her. "Y/n." Kyungsoo said. She looked his way and smiled. He gave her a hug, "You did so amazing I loved every bit of it." He told her. "Thanks Soo I'm glad. My mother drove me crazy with that routine though." She laughed. "Yeah I saw her walk off with Yixing and your medal." Kyungsoo said. She chuckled, "Yes for safe keeping." "Yeah I'm sure. These are my friends, you already know Baekhyun. This is Jongdae and Chanyeol." He introduced them. Y/n bowed to both of them, "Hi nice to meet you guys." She said. "Nice to meet you too." They both said. "You were really amazing and I loved the song you chose. Your spins were so cool and your jumps! Wow daebak!" Chanyeol spazzed. Baekhyun came over to settle him but everyone, including Y/n, laughed at his excitement. He couldn't contain it though she was so cool. She was pretty too. As oblivious to women's feelings as Chanyeol was, this was the first time Chanyeol had grown feelings for a girl who had no time to develop feelings back for him. She was far too distracted. He didn't know it just yet but he was going to soon find out Y/n didn't know how to stop moving, she didn't know how to relax but Chanyeol was just the man to show her how. "Y/n we're having a party at our place Saturday will you come join us?" Chanyeol asked. She gave a soft smile, "Oh thanks but I can't, my dads visiting and he wants me to spend time with him. Besides I've got to study too. By the way, Kyungsoo do you have the last page of notes from Mr.Park's class my computer died fifteen minutes before class ended." "Yeah I'll drop them off before you sleep tonight." He answered. "Thanks. So what will you guys be doing tonight?" She asked. "I'm hungry we should go eat. Y/n do you want to join?" Jongdae asked. "I have to get back and study." She said. "Studying on an empty stomach is too hard come with us Y/N." Baekhyun said playfully. "Yeah, I'll pay for everyone, you can order whatever you want." Chanyeol said. "Honestly that's a generous offer but I really shouldn't." "Come on Y/n you'll break Chanyeol's heart. He loves spending money on people." Baekhyun said. She laughed but it was true he was a huge shopaholic. Any chance he had to spend money he would spend it. "Please Y/n." Chanyeol said. "Come on Y/n, just come eat with us and we'll return you to your studies without delay." Kyungsoo said. She sighed, "Alright I'll go but I need to change first." They all nodded and she walked off into the back door that led to their dressing room, according to the sign on the door. Chanyeol was already excited to have her as his company for dinner tonight...

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