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안녕하세요 (hello) and welcome (back),
Namjoon x Reader x Jackson
Word Count: 1045 (Sorry, it's a bit short)


“(Y/n)? You okay? You’ve gotten quiet all of the sudden…” Jackson asked. I looked at him as he pulled me out of my thought process. “Um, yeah, I think I’m still feeling a bit of jetlag,” I cover up. “So, what kind of music do you like?” Namjoon suddenly asked. “I have been listening to a lot of Kpop recently, but I like all kind of music.” “What’s your favorite group?” Jackson asked. I cleared my throat. Things were about to get uncomfortable… “You know, I don’t think we should get into this…” “Get into what?” Jackson asked. “What do you like to listen to?” I diverted. “No, I want to talk about you, I talk about myself to much… Who’s your favorite group?”

“Jackson, you’re making her a bit uncomfortable…” Namjoon spoke up. I was surprised by his input in the issue. I sighed. “Thank you Namjoon, but maybe I should get this over with…I saw him shift in his seat, seeming interested in my answer. “Well, I like a lot of groups. If I had to choose my top two girl groups they would be (name of your top two girl groups) and my top two boy groups would have to be…” I hesitate for a second and took a deep breath. “BTS and GOT7…” “I think Jackson is a bit disappointed by his look on his face…” Namjoon laughed. I looked at him. His mood had changed. “No, I’m not disappointed, I’m just curious as in who you like the most out of those groups…” “My lips are sealed! I will go no further! I'll take it to my death bed if I have to!” Namjoon chuckled at my silence.

“Alright, Jackson. Don’t hound her so much.” Jackson gave a huff and changed the subject. The rest of the meal was great. We all got along well and had our laughs as they told embarrassing stories about each other. It was fun and around three we all left because the boys had work to do. I took a cab back to my hotel after exchanging numbers with Namjoon in case he wanted to hang out some time.

When I finally opened the door to my hotel room, the bed sheets were changed, pillows rearranged, and so was all my stuff that I left on the on the night stand to make it look more organized. I turned around and flopped on the bed. I wanted to sleep, but I knew if I did that I wouldn’t adjust to the new time zone here. I sighed and sat back up to get my computer out to keep me from falling asleep immediately. I decided to skype my mom to see how she was doing. It rang a few times before she picked up. “Hey, Mom. Can you see and hear me clearly?” “Hey, baby doll, yes I can see and hear you.” I smiled at face on the computer. We could pass as twins if it wasn’t for the age difference. “How are you feeling?”

“I feel good, just had a good meal with some new friends…” “Oh?” she smirked. “Were those new friends, guys perhaps?” I laughed at her. “Maybe… how do you always guess these things?” I asked with a smile on my face. “Because I know how to read your face like a book,” I really missed her already. “Everyone has a book as a face that’s written in their own language, you just have to figure out how to read it…” she’s so full of wisdom. “Just be careful it could be dangerous. How are you feeling? How was the flight?” She asked. “The flight was okay, I had some company to keep me calm and I feel fine right now…” I reassured her. “Wait what time is it over there?” I asked. “Around one in the morning…” she tried to sound nonchalant about it, but her yawn gave her way. “Maybe I should just call later so you can get some sleep…” “No, no… I’m totally okay.” He yawned again.
I raised an eyebrow at her. “Is that so?” I paused. “Well, I’m getting a bit tired, so I need to go to bed.” I lied. She gave me a ‘I know what you’re doing look’, but gave in anyways. After hanging up with my Mom, I decided it would be a good idea to search the web for something to do tomorrow, if I was up for it anyways. I looked at the Seoul tower, the old palace, some of the historical stops, parks, and etc. Suddenly, my phone goes off.

You up still?

I smiled and then answered.

Yeah, What’s up?

Are you busy, tomorrow?

I paused. Just tomorrow in general? I asked myself.

Not, really. Why?

I was wondering if you would like to hang out with us? We’re going to go do stuff around Seoul. I thought maybe we could show you around town.

Sure, but who’s ‘we’?


I couldn’t help, but to laugh. I couldn’t believe this was happening.

We haven’t had a lot of time off recently, but we got the weekend off and I thought you would like to meet them.

This is actually happening. Wow, okay.

Yeah, sounds fun. I would love to meet the boys.

Namjoon and I texted each other a little more, which I was kind of grateful for because I needed to stay up. Jackson sent me a Goodnight text and I sent one in response. I got to the point where I was getting tried, so I told Namjoon that I would see him and the boys tomorrow. I had to prepare myself for tomorrow. It was easy for me to handle my inner fangirl today because I just kept telling myself that it was a dream, but having all of them there in front of me was going to be hard. I laid down and left myself dose off to sleep within a few minutes.

When I woke to my alarm, which was set to make sure I wouldn’t totally oversleep and not have enough time to get dressed, I felt refreshed and quite ready for who I was going to see today.


Thanks for reading,
Kim Fergus

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