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Fairy Tail chapter 524
Damn no spoiler warning? I mean I'm caught up (kinda not really) but others might not be :(
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@ZephyrBlaze She didn't really need one due to the fact that she used the Chapter Cover ad the first photo. Plus people who are reading the manga would know its the newest ch. and people who dont know about the manga would know this isn't where they are at. If you are reading the manga you would know that this isnt the Chapter you are on... just saying
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@AimeBolanos No you really do I talk about you constantly with my friends because of how much so.
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@ErzaScarlet56 Thank you for putting one on anyway without hesitation next time just put it in the Title like Fairy Tail Chapter # (New) so people who dont know are aware๐Ÿ˜Š
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okay, thanks
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