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Some people say that true love does exist and that it’s something that can come your way in a matter of seconds and when it comes, we should cherish it and protect it like there’s no tomorrow but… what happens when “true love” is not so “true” like people say it is. What happens when your so called “true love” comes to an end what do you then. I mean it’s not like you get the choice to stop time until you’re good enough to face the world again but you can’t because life goes on whether you choose to move on and take a chance to be happy again or stay behind, locked in the past, thinking of what could’ve been and all the reasons why your love failed and ended before your happily ever after ever came
Love is a beautiful yet painful disease that everyone must overcome at some point in their lives without a say in it…

“Next time can you please pay more attention to your buzzer and pick up your order upfront I would really appreciate it I'm not supposed to be doing this for costumers you know. You need to pay more attention y/n you’ve been too distracted lately. You need to get your shit together”
“I … I … I'm sorry unni I know I need to snap out of it but it’s hard it hasn’t been a week and he already has someone else …… but you’re right .... Sorry” I said putting my head down
“Yah no need to get all down for something like this ok. Now lift up that big head of yours and wait here my shift is almost over and we can go grab something to eat ok?”
“I ….um …”
“Can you get me a piece of cheese cake so I can eat it while I wait please” I said to her with a cute cheerful tone on my voice to make unni feel better

“Yah just a moment ago you were being all sad and depressed and now you’re acting all cute for a piece of cheese cake …. Seriously what am I going to do with you y/n” she said giving me a warm smile and patting my head “but ok just wait here and I’ll get it for you ok” she said giving me a smile and walking away
“Unni, can you help look for a roommate?”
“Since I'm not with him anymore I have a spare room. And because I’ve gotten used to being with someone in the apartment”
“Yeah sure no problem I know someone who’s looking for a place”
“Thanks unni”
“we’ll come by in like 2 days”
“Ok no problem just let me know beforehand that was I’ll have the place ready for her to come”

On our way home we decided to stop for some ice cream and just chill for a moment near a playground. When we got to the playground we decided to play on the swings for a while. After 10 minutes our ice creams where gone we just sat there gazing up on the sky watching the stars.

“Hey ..... y/n can I ask you something? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to”
“Yeah sure what is it?”
“Well…. I… ummm ..... I was just wondering why you guys broke up?”
She said looking nervous and curious
“I mean you guys were together for 5 years and it must had been a big fight for you guys to end just like that without a second thought”
“It wasn’t a fight. It was just you know, how can I say this …. We were getting farther and farther away from each other so we decided to called it quits that’s all” I lied

We stayed in the park for a few minutes more and then we said out goodbyes and went our separate ways. After 10 minutes I reached my apartment. I opened the door and then it hit me *Loneliness* there wasn’t going to be someone anymore to greet me at the door …. I was completely alone now and that was my reality. As I was getting ready for bed flashbacks from that day came rushing to my mind and I couldn’t help it but replay what had happen that day and how everything when downhill because of one stupid text.

Flashback to one week ago

Oppa ^_
- Do you really believe he still belongs to you
- Who is this? Why do you have oppa’s phone
Oppa ^_
- What??? Oppa yah you bitch, don’t you get it he doesn’t love you anymore he’s not your oppa because now he belongs to me so why don’t you do yourself a favor and fuck of
- Answer me who are you??!!!!
Oppa ^_
- If you want to know who I am then come over to my place and see for yourself that the man you once called your man is now my ma
- I don’t believe you, you’re lying he would never cheat on me. He’s not like tha
Oppa ^_
- Fine if you don’t believe me I’ll send you prof and my address oh and you might want to get here quick because oppa just got into the shower so if I were you I would run and get here as soon as possible

As soon as the text came in a photo come in and it was him and he was in another girl’s arms. Without a second thought I ran out and was on way to prof myself wrong, that he would never do something like that. After a while I reached the addressed the girl had sent me. I knocked on the door and after a minute or so she open.

“You must be y/n right” she asked fully knowing who I was
“Where is he?”
“A little hello wouldn’t hurt you know”
“Cut the bullshit just tell me where the fuck is he” I said now getting annoyed
“Feisty I see huh” she said with a smirk “He’s inside I think he’s still in the shower, you can come in if you want but…” before she could finish what she was going to say I walked past her and looked for him. I had to make sure she was lying and the oppa wasn’t here but as soon as I walked in I saw him walking out of the bathroom. He was half naked
“O… oppa???” I said in disbelieve
“Y..…y/n what ..... What are you doing here? How did you know I was here?” he said shocked and scared of seeing me in front of him
“Why?? Why did you do this to me oppa? Was I not good enough for you; was I not what you were looking for?” I said rather calmly “never mind don’t answer me I already know the answer to my questions” I said with a sad calm voice
“Y/n I can explain …just ...... Just give me a minute please I .....”
“No need oppa I know what my place is and apparently its not by your side”

I said turning to the door ready to leave when he grab my hand turning me so we were face to face

“Y/n please just let me explain myself”
“Ani, don’t bother because I know now where I stand well used to stand in your heart” I said with no emotion what so ever
“Ha, you know what; fuck it you were always like this. You never cared if we fought or not. You always had not kind of emotion. And to be honest I'm sick of all of this so, if you want to leave than go right ahead I won’t stop you but remeber this. If you do decide to leave don't expect me to go back to you even if you beg me to ” he said letting my hand go

“Huh? No emotion?? begging ” I said now getting angry “you know why I never argued back and always gave in?” I said getting closer to him leaving a small space between us “it was because when we first started as friend you would always bitch about your fucking ex and how she was too clingy and over dramatic to the point where you couldn’t take it anymore. So when we started to go out I promised myself that I wouldn’t be like your ex but I guess I ended up being more fucked up huh? beause to you all I ever was, was a cold emotionless bitch” I said really closed to his face
“What!!!! You said I was too clingy and dramatic?” said the girl looking at him angry
“What? You’re ‘that’ ex?” I said looking at her “you know what I don’t care because, you and I are over oppa and don’t worry that if people ask I’ll say I was the one to break your heart that way I’ll be the bad guy and oppa the good guy” I said looking at him in the eyes “ah that’s right you’re not my oppa anymore and....... to be honest I don’t think you ever were” I said with a sad expression “and now that we’ve become strangers let’s not acknowledge each other anymore even if I beg you like you said I would. i would like for you to ignore me when ever we cross each others paths. I mean it’s the beast you could do for me after you played with my hear right …Jackson” I said leaving him no chance to talk to me because I knew that if I were to hear him out I’ll forgive him and go back to him

“Y/N WAIT LET ME EXPLAIN MYSELF PLEASE…… FUCK” That was the last thing I heard say before closing the door and walk straight to a body of flesh
“Oh my god I'm sorry I wasn’t watching where I ....”
“Are you here to look for the girl that lives here? Are you her boyfrind?” I said not even looking at him but at the ground
“Huh? I …I...”
“Are you here to look for her ..... yes or no”
“I .... I… hmm yes I am why?”
“If I were you I would wait 10 minutes before going in” I told him and walked passed him. After walking for 5 minutes I came to a stop and that’s when every emotion came crashing at me. Anger, hatred, disappointment but the biggest of them all sadness, and it was all too overwhelming that all I could do was cry like a little lost kid.
There I was in the middle of the sidewalk crying my eyes out being judge by every single person that passed by me. but i didn't care. because the pain I felt in my heart was greater than being looked like if i was crazy for crying like that. I cried and cried until I felt a pair of arms embracing me in a tight warm hug
I said looking at his face making me cry even harder than before
“shhhh it’s ok, everything will be ok….. We’ll be ok I promise”

To be continue

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