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Hey guys, I'm still debating on wether or not if I should write fanfics or not and I haven't posted anything, but for all my Otakus out there, What words has anime taught you in Japanese? If you guys have any request for a fan fiction, message me or leave a comment and we will talk and I will see what I can do Thanks
Kawaii (Cute) Ohayo (Goodmorning) Hentai (Pervert) xD
soooo many......
I know a lot but I learned from a anime only a few and made sure they were correct. Nani- what nani kore- What is this? Hontoni- really baka- idiot/dumb ass in some cases and... I think that's it.. I'm taking a Japanese class so I know a lot more 😂
nisan - brother okaza - mother gomu - gum and stupid is said like baggah but im sure thats not how you spell it lol
Every single Japanese word I learned was from anime...
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