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That's being posted right away lol.
Sooo me and @SugaKookieV are a little crazy, okay no were special. lol And I think I just started a war with her.
(I getting it started here to make her die from sexy overload lol)
Btw this is how it started.
And we ended up spamming back and forth this wicked cycle of hot men.

Now decisions decisions who to start with . . .
Well I hope I did you in with those!
Lets see what you got? Think you can beat this??? . . . . no no wait. 4 more for you. cuz I know . . . I know. lol
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Oh my stress!!!!
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i tell you idols are my tea....i like their muscles. they seem more normal...like they are the perfect amount jimins are killer to me...the ones you kept showing thats just too much muscle for me.
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@SweetDuella good luck
10 months ago
Jimin all day! Jimin is papi chulo!
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