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I know its been awhile since posting for this story but hopefully we will get back in the swing of things. I know both @SweetDuella and I keep writing new things but we still plan on working with this story since it isnt close to being shut down yet....ok Enjoy this chapter.

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"Dude I have to go to the bathroom" Eliza said over the phone.

"Then go. But please mute me I don't need to hear that."

"What you don't want to hear about my bathroom time."

"Dude I swear to God you tell me one detail and I will murder you."

"Oh Geez, you don't even want to know if I have to go 1 or 2?" Eliza asked egging Belle on.

"No and I don't want to know if it's 3 or 4 either. "

"What's 4?"

"You don't want to know." Belle laughed.

"Ok hold on." Eliza said and then it got quiet. Belle was walking back to bighit where Eliza was already. Belle had a song she was practicing and was going to ask one of the guys to help her.

"Belle!" She turned to the voice and saw Tae and Jimin. She smiled and waved to them.

"What are you guys doing?" She asked.

"Getting food. Please join us!" Tae said pulling her into the convenience store.

"Jimin I have a question for you." Belle said trying to pull her hand away from Tae.

"What's that?"

"Are you free today?"

"Why?" He asked with an eyebrow raise.

"I was wondering if you'd...." She looked down. " be my dance partner."

"Aww you like me a whole lot don't you." He laughed and poked her cheek. she looked at him.

"No! I...just...wanted..." She got flustered.

"Wow now I really think you do like me. But sadly I can't. I promised Tae and Kookie we'd have our rematch."

"Rematch?" She asked

"Yea we need to see who's better." Tae said.

"In Mario Kart." Jimin added

"Ahh well Jin is. But ok. I'm going to head out. You two have fun." She started to walk out.

"Belle wait" Tae yelled and pulled her back just as a huge ice chunk fell off the building.

"Oh my gosh thanks Tae." She said trying to remain calm.

"Belle!!!" She heard screaming from the phone in her hand.

"Oh gosh Eliza I forgot about you." She laughed into the phone.

"Yeah I can tell, call me back when you are done with those two." She said and hung up.

"Such a great friend." Jimin laughed

"Well she was talking about things I didn't want to know about." As Belle talked to the two a bit longer a few more ice chunks fell off the roof.

"That's so cool!" Tae said watching the ice sheets.

"Yeah they fall but move like a piece of paper." Belle laughed. "Ok I'll see you two later have fun." Belle said and left. She knew who she was going to ask. She just had to find him.

When she got back to bighit she went on the hunt for her dance partner.

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