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Hello B2UTYS!

Hyunseung has been confirmed as a trainer for season 2 of Produce 101 which is scheduled to broadcast in the first half of 2017.

Not much is known yet about the season or Hyunseung's role on the show, other than he will be training/mentoring the show's contestants.

Produce 101 is the elimination show responsible for forming the recently disbanded girl group I.O.I. On the new season, Produce 101 will focus on forming a boy group out of 101 male trainees and existing idol talent from multiple agencies.

Is anyone else excited to see Hyunseung finally back on TV?

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Im excited, some fans might now like him anymore but I support him because he was my first bias...and he makes great music
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Yes completely agree!
im excited!!!! although i want that cake he's eating
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It's your birthday cake he's eating there.
Oh can you please add me to the B2UTY list!?!😁😁
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thank you!😁
I'm just excited to see him. I also didn't know that l.O.l disbanded. That didn't last long.
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Any group put together through season 2 will also have a finite period of time together. This season has established idols competing to be in the group so they will only be allowed to be away from their existing schedules for so long. One of the members of NUEST has been confirmed as a contestant but they aren't revealing his identity yet.
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