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Kill Me Now!

Hello friends, its Katie and IM BACK! Its been awhile aye?
Anyways, I would like to say....What the hell. This is murder.
Sooo Harry Jeon here, killed every ARMY and Jungkook stans.

||•mini scenerio•||

The stylist be like:
"ooh chokers! Let's have Jungkook wear it! plus the glasses and pink highlights"
When they walked onto the stage, every ARMY fainted
"What happened?" J-Hope asked
One ARMY rose up "Jungkook is wearing Harry Potter glasses...and a choker.... HIGHLIGHTS?! THAT'S FRICKIN RARE!" She said as everyone looked at Jungkook.
The stylist grabs her bag and walked out
Anyways, its rare to see Jungkook wearing a choker
And glasses... actually
Plus highlights (especially the blonde ish light brown)
Sometimes I always ask myself these questions:
Is this real?
yep, its totally real Katie
Is Jeon Jungkook real?
of course he's real! are you blind?!
Nope. Will I be able to meet him?
i doubt it hun
The reason why I brought this picture up again is because of scar/bruise/scab idk on his arm which is very noticeable and obvious and I wanna ask if anyone know what happened.
you should know what happened
should I? SHOULD I?! I'm a girl who survived 4 weeks without wifi and you're telling me I should know what happened? Oh yeah, I went to Korea and stalk Jungkook and share what happened to Jungkook....Hell no, I have school and I'm broke AF
shit damn I'm sorry
better be.


That is all for me today. I'm glad to be back soo GOTTA BLAST.


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