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:10~:13 Stepmother: So you have grown. Driving your brother away soon as you return. :14~ :18 Rachel: What are you doing? Are you crazy? ES: I will be only taking your name. Contact me if you want it returned. :18~ :22 JD: Is this your number? ES: What? JD: You looked really tough when taking other’s phone number :23~ :27 KT: I’m just interested. ES: So what? KT: Because you are pretty. I can’t get you out of my head and it’s killing me. :27~ :29 ES: Please let’s leave this place and not live as if we are hiding. :30~ :33 JD: We haven’t properly been introduced. Starting today, you are mine. :33~ :40 Guy1: Lucifer has appeared at the school of demons. KT: I missed you, friend. JD: I’m overjoyed.
wow...im so excited this ep.5...
Yes I will be there cheering👍👍👍
yeah... i will be there!! ^^
@ashjem @nylamrehs @zahra17 Hope to see you all in 48 hours for Episode 5 recap with @leegloria22
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