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For this theory first we have to go back and look at noir. First I want to point out
How behind noir it's their is another version of noir but written in cursive and it's blue. Now we know Jongup was x in skydive but what color was his hair?
His hair was blue as well. Now if we use the same for rose.
we have rose written in red which means.
this time it might have something to do with himi. Now I may be completely wrong about this this is just a theory so don't take it to serious. but what are your thoughts?

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WHAT IF: since Jongup was the bad guy in Skydive and on the Noir album he had a solo song (Now) since it is red behind Rose and Himchan's hair is red what if he gets a solo song !
You never know.
himchan looks too good be the bad guy! lol but i do like your theory. fun tonsee if you're right
Interesting theory. I can see why you would think that 😉