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안녕하세요 Vingle Fam, It's 스카이(Sky) Here~

I Wasn't Planning To Take Requests, But One Of My Fellow Mod Supporters Of The BTS Community Asked If I Could Do Yoongi Next & Here It Is~(Because I'm Nice Like That xD).

Requested By @Helixx

❤ENJOY❤ (Especially You Helixx xD)

⭐Whenever You Do Something Cute For Him, He'll Act Like It Doesn't Affect Him....But On The Inside, He's Dying From Your Cuteness

⭐"......Can You Not Do That....?" (Inside): Why Is She So Cute...? >.>"

⭐When You Try To Wake Him Up, He'll Pull You Down In The Bed Before Falling Back Asleep(A/N: I honestly see Suga doing this xD)

⭐Let's You Lean On His Shoulder As He Writes & Produces Music

⭐You Tell Him How Much You Love Him, He'll Reply With A Mumbled: ".......Love you too......."

⭐You Wake Up With His Arms Around You.... You're Pretty Much Stuck Because How Much Of A Heavy Sleeper He Is

⭐You Kiss Him On The Cheek, He'll Place His Index Finger On His Lips & Say: "야,(T/N: 'Ya' or 'Hey')....You Missed..."

⭐Relaxing At Home Is An Ideal Date For Him

⭐Sends You Cute Selcas:
⭐Silent Supportive Type ; Whenever You're Stressed Or Sad, He'll Give You Space But Closely Watch Over You If You Need Anything(A/N: Like a guardian angel.....My emotions)

⭐Wraps His Arms Around You're Waist & Places His Chin On Your Shoulder As You Cook

⭐Not Afraid To Show PDA...You Love Each Other,He Wants People To Know That You're His:

⭐"Yeah, She's My Girlfriend.......And?"

⭐Gets Extremely Pissed When His Hyungs (& Dongsengs) Teases Him About The Relationship

⭐"자기야 (T/N: 'Jagiya' or 'Honey') .... I'm Tired.... Cuddle With Me..." *holds out arms like a baby*

⭐Let's You Listen To His Newest Rap, Asking For Your Opinion On It

⭐You Two Bicker Over Stupid Things Before Cutting You Off With A Kiss

⭐After You Scold Him About Something, You'll Walk Away & He'll Do This:
⭐In Public, He's The Cool Boyfriend Type But When You Both Are Alone, He's More Loving & Affectionate. Not To Much, But Just Enough (A/N: If that makes any sense.... I'm not affectionate myself, so this sounds perfect xD)

⭐Randomly Drops The 'I Love You' Bomb, Completely Throwing You Off Guard

⭐SG: "I love you."
SG: "Didn't you hear me...I said-?" *You placed your hand in his forehead, wondering if he was okay*(A/N: haha....aww~ xD)
SG: "TF is she doing.....?"

⭐Lots Of Kissy Faces


TIME FOR THE SMUT YEESSS *cough* I mean.......
❤Slightly Curses Into Your Ear At The Pleasure Of Thrusting His Pelvis Into Yours

❤Although He Likes It Rough, He'll Take It Down A Notch If You're Not Comfortable

❤Occasional Lazy Sex

❤Lightly Pulls Pulls Your Hair

❤Occasional Phone Sex If It's Been Along Time Since You Both Saw Each Other

❤He LIVES For Your Curves (A/N: Sorry if you don't have curves..... I don't know why, I low-key see Yoongi as someone who loves curves xD)

❤Mostly Dominant, But Wouldn't Mind If You Took Control Once In Awhile

I'm Pretty Surprised How This Turned Out....It Might Be My Favorite One That I Wrote

Although I Was A Bit Shy Writing The Smut, I Was Low-key Hoping I Killed Helixx In The Process xD

(Sorry 언니....I Love You xD)
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yoongi is like my type in a relationship but hes not my bias but lately he hasn't been staying in his lane
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omg if hes really like that in real life whoever ends up with him is so lucky💖💖💖💖 #goals
So my type of man...I guess that's why I choose him as my main BTS bias 😜
Wow! I didn't know Suga had that in him 😁
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