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Hello Beautiful ARMY! Violet here bringing you this sunday's Jimin card as scheduled. This weeks theme was A Letter To BTS (any kind of letter) So after a while of thinking here is my letter to my UB Jimin ♡

My Dearest Jimin,
You make my heart flutter like crazy and even i don't know the exact reason why. Could it be the way you pour your entire existance into doing what you love?
Or is it the way you genuinely care for your members by always watching out for them, worrying about them, and always showing them support in whatever it is they do.
Is it because of the way you laugh at the smallest of things? And the fact that your smile can make my worst of days a little brighter ?
I don't think i'll ever know the exact reason why you make my heart race, and thats okay with me. All i know is that all the little things you do are the reasons i adore you.
Also, thank you. Thank you for loving ARMY so much, for working so hard to make BTS as amazing as it can be, for never giving up even though times may have not been the best for you.
I couldn't imagine my life without you or Bangtan in it. I don't think i have ever loved another person this much. Of course one day you'll find someone who will love you like you deserve and when you do i'll be SO happy for you. But for now you'll have to settle for ARMY. lol ♡
And don't be so hard on yourself Jiminnie, you are an amazing performer and you have improved SO much in just 3 years and that is something to be proud of!
Finally, Thank you for existing. I love you Jimin and i can't wait to see what you and Bangtan have in store for us in the future.
Love, Violet. ♡

And that's it for this weeks card!! Ahhhh im so cheesy!!! *cringes* Lol but in all seriousness i hope you enjoyed this card i tried to make it as sincere and as short as possible! Have a beautiful Sunday loves and see you all next week! ♡


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Awe! That's was the sweetest letter ever! I love Jimin for the same reasons too. He might not be my UB, but He's my BTS bias ❤
Aww im glad ♡