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Hello Royal Family! Its Melissa with another Date night. We are in our last days in our month long theme. We will be featuring Suwoong this week. Suwoong will be fortune enough to have two themes. We will be starting with Imagine a date night with Suwoong. Then end the week with Suwoong appreciation. I'll be making an announcement about our new month long theme today. Let's get to Imagine a date with Suwoong. I can imagine him doing something to surprise. Something that shows that he can be manly and sweet at the same time. This is what I imagine a date night with Suwoong would be like.
At work, you got a hand delivered card. You opened it and saw it was from Suwoong. He wants to have a power outage date that night. You get so excited about because you never heard of a power outage date.
When you get home that night, all the power is out. You tried turning on the light, but it wasn't working. You entered the living/dining room. You were in total surprise. You see the table set in a romantic setting. Your favorite meal was being served in a candle full table. Suwoong comes behind and gives you a hug and whispers Surprise!
After enjoying a delicious meal, you both cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen. You both return to the table were Suwoong starts setting up your favorite trivia game out. You both start playing in candlelit table. You were having a good time, but you let Suwoong win the game. After putting away the game, he leads you the living area.
It was the first thing you noticed when got home. How Suwoong transformed your living area into inside tent. He had hung up sheer and beautiful fabric to look like the inside of a tent. he had lightstrings and candles to light up the room in a soft glow like way. He put your bed mattress in the middle of the room, covered with blankets and pillows. Suwoong leaves you to enjoy the atompshere, while he gets a bottle of wine and two glasses. He returns to you relaxing among the pillows. He pours you a glass of wine. You both do a cheers. After taking a drink, Suwoong takes the glasses and places on a small table next to the mattress. He lays next to you and pulls you close, so you can cuddle with him. It was a perfect evening. You were so surprise that Suwoong had taken the time and effort to put this kind of date for you. You snuggle closer to him, and whisper so this is a power outage date? You start to giggle when he starts laughing. He looks down at you and with a serious expression says I love you Y/N. I wanted to prove to you how a younger man can treat you like a Queen you are.

Well That's all for Suwoong Sunday. I hope you enjoyed the date I imagine with Suwoong. What kind of date do you imagine having with Suwoong?
Loved it!!!!
@matty0203 Thank you!
@mbg3t Right! I'm glad you like it 😉
Its the best. I really like it