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Welcome back to Naruto Battles! Our next challenger comes from Inuyasha in this week's crossover battle: Kiba Inuzuka vs Koga!

(Tobirama Senju vs Toshiro Hitsugaya results can be found at the bottom of this card)

Kiba Inuzuka

Kiba Inuzuka (犬塚キバ, Inuzuka Kiba) is a member of Konohagakure's Inuzuka clan and a member of Team Kurenai. Despite his headstrong and at times egotistic attitude, Kiba is loyal to his comrades and will do anything to protect them with his trusted canine companion, Akamaru, by his side.


Kōga (鋼牙, "Steel Fang") is the young leader of the eastern yōkai-wolf tribe, or the Yōrō clan, which is nearly wiped out by Kagura and Naraku. He first meets Inuyasha as an opponent in battle, but later becomes a reluctant, occasional ally despite maintaining a strong sense of rivalry with the 'useless mutt' about their relative combat strengths, as well as Kōga's persistent courtship of Kagome.

So who wins!?

Comment how you think it would go down and who comes out on top!

Last Week - Tobirama Senju vs Toshiro Hitsugaya

card HERE
And the winner is... *drumroll*

Toshiro Hitsugaya!

This battle was pretty evenly matched, with no clear winner until the end, when Toshiro pulled ahead and won out!

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Koga does have any particularly strong feats whereas Kiba has substitution jutsu and Akamaru. As far as I can remember they both move around the same speed... plus Kiba has pills to give him a boost, so Kiba.
As much as I like Kiba I'm going to have to give Koga the win.
yea i think kiba has this
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