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Hello beautiful ARMY's ! Its Violet again here with this weeks BTS community news, themes and more!

For this week our theme is going to be NON TITLE SONG MV'S ! We will be creating MV concepts for non title songs in order to give the spot light to Bangtan's Non title songs ! ♡ Like always we encourage you to participate and don't forget to tag Bangtan's Army Mods! ♡♡

As you all know today was BTS' Goodbye stage!!! Congrats on all the wins boys!! ♡ And also the dance ver of Not Today was released this morning as well!! ♡♡ *As for the dance practices.. we wait.*

.... Oh Bighit. xD

That's it for this BTS Community Weekly Card! Have a wonderful week everyone! ♡♡

☆ If you would like to be added to the Offical ARMY Taglist let us know HERE !☆

I can't wait!!! ahhh
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Please tag me!!!
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Thank you!
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