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Jiyong looks at Mino and saw thier father leave the room. His breathing was heavy but his anger was boiling.
"What just happened Mino?"
"You dont remember anything?"
"No.. last thing i remeber was the river."
"Jiyong. That was months ago"

Mino looks at Jiyong. Jiyong couldnt believe anythimg that Mino was saying.

"You lost your memory. Seems like dad knew from the hospital and took you unfer him and brainwashed you even more. He had you haunt me to kill me."

Jiyong grabs Mino by the hand and began to pull him out of the room.

"What are you doing?"
"Mino. Is time."

Jiyong grabs Mino's hand. He looks at him dead in the eye.

"We will rescue Ruby and we will kill whatever and whoever crosses our path. Do you understand this? We will do but let's enjoy every kill."
"Go wild?"

Jiyong laughs and hug Mino tight.

"We will go wild. Ready?"

Jiyong grabs a bat and Mino grabs the hammer. Then all of a sudden the lights goes off and red lights appear.

"Seems like you boys are ready to play. Well I got games for you all. Let's see hiw much you have learned, my evil ones."

Thier father spoke through a speaker. Then the boys noticed cameras installed in the room.

"He can see us. So let's put him a show"

Jiyong smiled and they bith began to exit the room. The hallways was dark with red lights. They can't barely see, but they have guards up. Side by side they walk together towards to a door. Jiyong turns the knob but its locked.

"You see boys. Not everything will be that simple. Only one of them carries the key inside."

Mino looks at Jiyong.

"Only one of them?"

Then three big guys appeared in behind them. They began to walk slowly towards Jiyong and Mino. Without a sound, one of them grabs Mino with a yarn around his neck and began to pull back. Mino quickly dropped the hammer and began to try to fight back, but with the lack of oxygen he was failing.

Jiyong turns around and saw two others guys trying to swing at him. Jiyong carries quick reflexes and began to swimg at them with the bat. As Jiyong tries to go after the one who is choking Mino, he was pushed down to the ground. Jiyong turns forward and began to fight the other guy. Mino began to kick his feet furiously. His hands was baging the floor. Jiyong saw that his brother is holding the last strings of his life. Anger filled him inside and look at the guy in front of him who is swinging at him.

Jiyong grabs the guy from his head and his fingers began to travel towards the guy's eyes. Then he pressured his fingers inside his eyes. Screams filled in the air as blood flowed down to Jiyong's arms. The guy gets off of Jiyong and began to scream in pain as his hands holds his eyes. Jiyong stands up and grabbed his bat and swinged at the guy holding Mino. He didnt stop. Jiyong kept swinging over and over at the guys head. Smashing it till blood splattered at his face. Jiying stops and began to breath heavy. He screams and swing the bat one last time with one force and saw his head cracked open. He then heard Mino coughing for air.

"Mino!? Are you okay?"

Jiyong pats his back as Mino began to held into oxygen into his body. Then Mino shook his head signaling Jiyong that he is okay. Mino looks around and then saw one guy standing. He looked scared and terrified.

"Bro, I think he has the key"

Jiyong looks up and saw the guy standing in a corner. Mino and Jiyong stands with thier weapons in thier hands. Then they look at the guy with serious dead eyes.

"Please dont kill me...please. I...I was kidnapped. I.. I dont know why Im here. Come on... please dont."

Jiyong looks at Mino and he began to chuckle.

"How you want it? Quick and painless or slow and painful?"
"Please none of that. Oh God! Please dont!"

Mino began to walk towards the guy.

"Fine. Come on. We wont kill you. Just tell us where the key is at. We will let you go."
" How... how can you get the key? Is buried in my stomach. The bastard made me swa..."

Mino swing the hammer and hit the guy straight at the temple of his head. Killing him one blow.


Jiyong grabs a knife out of his pocket and hands it over to Mino. Mino grabs it and then went straight to the stomach opening his stomach with one slice. Then Mino sticks his hand inside and began to look for the key. Guts and organs began to pour out as Mino scavenges for the key. Mino suddenly felt the key and then pulls it out.

"Got it. "

Mino then hands it Jiyong. They didnt cared about the blood or anything. Jiyong grabbed the key like nothing and placed it inside the lock. As the lock clicked, Jiyong opens the door.
A puzzle stood in front of the wall.

"What the fuck is this?"

Mino looks at the puzzle which hangs in front of them. The boys walk towards it. Then they saw the most bizzare photo. It was a woman holding two babies in her arms. On the wall there was a writting in blood saying "Evil was Born".

"What is this Jiyong? Is"
"It can't be. This is not mother."

Jiyong walks closer to see the picture. Then he saw a button.

"Ah ah ah.. You dont want to press that button my Jiyong. The truth can kill you both"

Jiyong looks at Mino as chills ran down thier spines.

"Jiyong... I think its time to know the truth."

Jiyong press the button and a small screen next the picture turns on.

A woman was holding two babies in her arms. She looks at them with a warm smile as the babies sleep. Then they saw thier father all happy and with big smiles. An image that Jiyong and Mino never saw before. Seems like the father was recording everything. Then he set the camera down next to hospital bed which the woman laid down. Darkness grew and saw another woman coming in dressed up as a nurse. She looks at the babies and then at the mother. The nurse pulls out a needle and placed it inside the IV tube. The woman began to shake and the nurse turned off the machine.

Thier father comes in and grabbed the nurse by the neck for what she done. Then he sliced her throat with a knife from his pocket. He grabbed the camera and grabbed the babies.

The camera turns off and then it turned back on. The babies was grown, they was like around 3 or 4 of age, but something was off. Mino and Jiyong walked closer to see the screen and they saw that the babies was a girl and a boy. Then the video began to play and hear thier father speaking.

"You guys ready to play a game."
"Ya. Lets play a game daddy" said the boy.
"Yes please. I wanna play!" said the girl.
"Great. Come on"

The camera went black and then back on. A basement was shown. A basement which the boys are very familiar with. Then they saw a woman with a little child in her hands. The child seemed to be the same age as the two children. Then the father grabbed the woman and began to beat her over and over again. He was doing sinister stuff to the woman and making the kids see it.

The little girl cried and fainted. The tow little boys looked with full curiosity and anger. As the father finished his job, he went to the children. He grabbed the woman's child and hold him from his cheeks with bloody hands.

"You seem to be one interesting boy. So im going to keep you with me. What's your name?"

Mino dropped to the floor as Jiyong put his hands over his head.

"Mino. At least she can name a child. Well Mino, this is Jiyong and that is Ruby."

The boys watching the video was shocked at the reality. Jiyong picked up the bat and swing it at the screen breaking it into pieces. Jiyong drops the bat and couldn't believe what he just saw. Then he turns to Mino.

Mino was on the floor with his head on his knees.

"Mino. Mino are you okay? Mino.. come on bro. Look at me Mino!"

Jiying yelled and Mino looked up.

"Im not your brother Jiyong."
"No. Dont say that. You will always be my brother, Mino. We in this together."

Jiyong pulled out his hand and Mino looked up at Jiyong. Mino grabbed his hand and hold it firmly.

"We are brothers Mino."

A broken truth turned into a light.

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