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Happy Sunday peeps!!!!! So you all can put the pitch forks down!!! I'm sorry for the small hiatas. Have you ever had a moment where you have ideas for your stories but haven't have the urge to write? Hopefully, I won't have those moments anymore!!!!! (Why am I prolonging this?) Anyhoo, enjoy chapter 9. And as always, feedback is welcomed too!!!!

As soon as you got to your office, you closed the door and locked it. Your heart ached as you sipped down to the floor and released the tears that you were holding in. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you cried your heart out. All of your emotions that you thought that you have buried had resurfaced. You wondered how this guy was able to get you all riled up. Pull yourself together, y/n. You can't let this guy get the best of you here at work. You can get through today.

It was late by the time you entered your apartment. You put your things away and flopped down on your bed. Your mind was running a thousand miles a minute with thoughts of him going through. You started to wonder if this was going to work. There was an odd feeling that you had in the pit of your stomach. You wondered what that feeling can be.

You got up and undressed to take a shower, which helps clear your mind. As you stepped in, you let the warm water wash the day away. Your mind began to wander back to Jay. What was he trying to do? I hope he knows that he has ZERO chance of getting back with me. How can he even think such a thing? I guess that bitch played him like he played me. Augh!!! What am I doing??!!!!! I'm not supposed to have any thoughts on him at all!!!! I hope this project wraps up soon so I can go back to my normal life and not have my life go topsy tervy!!!

You turned off the faucet and stepped out and wrapped a towel around you. You walked into your bedroom and noticed your phone going off. Sigh, I wonder what the head honcho wants this time. You thought. You unlocked your phone and nearly dropped it. How the hell did this muthafucka get my personal number??!!???!??! You looked at the screen and saw in bold text to meet at the studio with the address at 8pm next Thursday by Jay. Don't be late princess, you read. You debated to respond to that last part, but decided against it. This was the last thing you needed before going to sleep. It's gonna be a long night I see, you thought. Guess I'll make some tea and try to relax. The next few days are gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster!!

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YOU KNOW WHAT?! what is with the small chapters? is this payback lol
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@QueenPandaBunny Lmfaooo!!! Hahah I know
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just when I'm getting into it, like its done 😭
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ohh shiittt!!!!!