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In all Honesty I had no Idea what to name this oneshot, so yup. lol but yea the other day I had this idea inspired by the Extessy group lol (Yes you all were total inspiration booster there lol) So yup!


Sitting on the couch I was between laughing and hyperventilating as I was staring at my phone. I couldn't believe my friends, but I was just as bad. The pictures we were sending back and forth, it started out innocent but somehow ended up with hot naked men blowing up my phone.
“Babe what has you cackling like a hyena in here?” My boyfriend asked as he came back in the room. He held two mugs in his hands. I set my phone down on the coffee table and took one.
“Nothing” I said smiling at him, even as my phone started buzzing again and making a bunch of noise.
“Nothing? Really?” He raised a brow.
“Nothing you need to see” I sat making a grab for my phone, but he picked it up first. “Namjoon!” I reached for my phone but he stepped back.
“Seriously, give me my phone back” I said standing up, but he was stepping away and swiping my phone open.
I knew what was up, I was in a chat and it was open.
I stopped walking towards him when he stumbled back into the chair behind him and sat down. He stared at the screen for a moment than looked at me.
“Why do you have these pictures on your phone?” Namjoon asked stunning.

I grinned happy with the fact it put a stutter in his voice as he questioned it. I took the extra step closer and leaned down to grab my phone. I took a peek at the screen and stifled my laughter there was still pictures coming in from Ella but I could see the theme, she was sending a bunch of pictures of buff models with nothing on, just a towel or something in the way of the crotch.

“You have pictures of naked men on your phone!” Namjoon accused.
“Well duh. I'm in a fierce battle with Ella. Look she's Now attacking Me with an pictures of you!” I turned the phone around to show him.
“Oh I got this! Baby lift up your shirt” I said finding the camera function on my phone.
“No” he declared.
“Oh come on, help me win!” I huffed. I moved around and stood in front of him.
“I feel betrayed, your staring at pictures of other men” Namjoon pouted making Me sigh and set my phone down.
“Oh please, you know they may be good on paper, but the real thing, you're definitely more my cup of tea” I grinned.
His hands went to my hips and pulled me down so I was sitting on his lap. I stared at those luscious lips of his as they drew closer and he was kissing me, his tongue slipping in between my lips and curling around my own. I moaned as I wrapped my arms around his neck.
A moment later he was pulling away and lifting me so he could switch our positions, except now he stood up as I sat there. Feeling frisky I slid out of my fleece shorts and panties leaving me just in my long gray T shirt.
With a smirk Namjoon pulled his shirt off slowly, giving me a chance to gaze upon his flesh as he slowly revealed it inch by inch.
I hummed as I let my legs open, hooking them on the armrests I was a little bit embarrassed making my cheeks turn red, but the appreciative look Namjoon gave me and how his eyes stared down at my exposed flesh.
“Touch yourself baby” Namjoon insisted.
My fingers found my clit and I rumbled slow circles, applying pressure in the right spots. Namjoon proceeded to unbutton his pants and strip out of them leaving him in his boxers. My tongue flicked out and I licked my bottom lip imagining him taking the last piece of clothing off. With a sigh my hand left my clit and roamed up to the edge of the shirt I was wearing and I lifted it up. A growl came out of Namjoon making me smile, I got on with it and took my shirt off, revealing myself naked in front of him.
“Hmm, I like this a lot better” I said as he leaned down, his arms on my open thighs as he traps me in the seat, his lips press against mine
“Tell me I'm better than those pictures were” Namjoon pulled out of the kiss and asked. Speechless my hands felt up his chest and I nodded my head.
“Say it” he hissed.
“So . . so much better” I sighed as I moved so that I could press my mouth to his skin. With him already between my legs I wrapped them around his waist and clung to him making his hard on press against me, just thin material separating us.
“You're wet” he groaned pressing into me.
My fingers roamed over his skin. With a grunt he picked me up.
“I'm not going to last long baby” Namjoon groaned.
“Neither am I. God Namjoon just fuck me” I hissed out shifting against him. “I want it hard” I said.
“I'll give it to you good” he said he pressed me against the couch. I unwrapped my legs enough for him to pull his underwear off, his cock springing out. I couldn't help it, I wrapped my fingers around him and Namjoon groaned without warning, he over my hand and rammed himself inside me. A puff of air came out of me and than I was seeing stars.

With Namjoon naked laying on the couch half asleep I seriously couldn't help it. I got off him and grabbed my phone, making sure not to get below the waist I took a picture and sent it to Ella with a message saying
“I Win”


Muahaha lol I shall win that battle, although I just realized how that is sounding, sending a half naked picture of boyfriend to friend. Oh Boy Panda got dirty mind and saw nothing else lol. oh Well.

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BTW these shall appear too lol. whoever did these fan art pics oh thank you!!! shy lol
woah namjoon !!
oh i liked it lol not fair you win cuz hes your boyfriend single girl needs to find one to beat you lol...i like how i seriously put us in this story lol
Nope, I can't read on dimples
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ah lol. 😂😂. yeaa that what you ment lol.
DaaAaaang gurl