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Genre(s): Romance, Tragedy, Character Death, Time Travel AU, Angst, Dimensions
Pairing: Jimin X Reader
Word Count: HANSUNG WHY ToT (this has become a lil pre-a/n for some reason)
Chapters: 7/? ( Not counting the Prologue)
Summary: Y/N goes back in time to fix something but things don't turn out quite the way she planned.
A/N: I haven't written in a while so I must now. By the way, I haven't mentioned before that that picture of Jimin isn't mine, if you didn't already notice. I've been trying to edit it by putting the title of the story on it but I just got too lazy to actually do it. But don't place copyright claims on me or whatever, I'll get scared.

" Namjoon!" A muffled voice had echoed through the door.

" Namjoon! Namjoon are you in there?!" Oh that was definitely Taehyung. What the hell did he want?

Knowing Taehyung, he wouldn't leave until he knew for sure no one was home. Sighing, Namjoon weakly pushed himself up, his head beginning to hurt at the sudden movement and the loud knocking from Taehyung.

" Namjoon! Are you here?!"

" Shut it you little shit, I'm coming." He rasped out.

" It's Y/N!" Namjoon stopped dead in his tracks. Y/N? Impossible. He shook his head.

" I think she might be in trouble!" No shit, it took him this long to realize Y/N had been gone for days?

" She's gone." He whispered to himself, beginning to turn back to go sulk in her room again.

" Namjoon, hurry up! She's running out of time on the phone!" On the phone? Y/N was on the phone right now?

Even in his weak state, near half dead, Namjoon had never run faster to answer the door.


" Taehyung? Taehyung are you still there?" I can't believe it fucking worked.

" Namjoon are you in there?!" Taehyung had ran all the way to my house to get Namjoon, this boy was sure something. My heart even swelled a little at his dedication.

" Y/N, he's not answering. I don't hear anything in there, either." Taehyung said into the phone, breathless from the running.

" Keep knocking, break down the door if you have to. I need to talk to him."

" Namjoon! Namjoon hyung! Nam-" Taehyung went silent all of sudden. The phone was passed.

" ...Namjoon?" Nothing. " Namjoon are you there?"

" Y- Y/N? Y/N is that really you?" He sounded terrible. I could barely hear him, he must have stayed up for days worrying. The thought of him suffering through sleepless nights, without eating or drinking properly, brought tears to my eyes.

" It's me." I said quietly. He let out a shuddering sigh.

And then he started crying.

" Y/N, " He wailed, " Y/N, do you know how worried I was? How could you leave without telling me?! How could you not think this through before you did it?" he sobbed, I could hear Taehyung in the back trying to comfort him.

" Namjoon, please listen to me." I began, my voice shaking a little. I hadn't heard Namjoon cry since the accident. Even now, the sound and sight of him crying was unbearable. " I used the machine. It worked-"

" I know, dumbass." He sniffled. " And now you're stuck, aren't you?"

" Yeah..." I said softly. He was quiet now. " N-Namjoon I met him." His breath hitched.

" I met Jimin. "

" SHE WHAT?!" Taehyung exclaimed in the background.

" Not so loud, Taehyung." Namjoon whined.

" Sorry. But what did she mean, 'she met Jimin'? I thought she knew what happened to him."

" I'll explain after I figure this out." Namjoon sighed.

"So...any ideas on how to fix this, Namjoon?" I asked hopefully.

" Wow Y/N, way to throw all of the pressure on me."

" Sorry..." I said sheepishly. " How 'bout now?"

" Y/N!" He whined.

" Sorry! Sorry! Take your time." I giggled.

" I might just decide to leave you there."

" Pwease Namjoonie?" I pouted.

" Okay, okay! As long as you never talk to me like that again. Please."

" Alright! So, what's the plan?"

I hung up the phone with a smile, happy that I had finally found a way to contact Namjoon. It faltered when I realized what I would be leaving behind. I finally got to see Jimin, and everyone else happy again. All of them together again.

Then I realized,

it was for the best.

" I'm sorry, Jimin."

A/N: It was really short, I know but at least I ended it dramatically. The next chapter might be short, too because I plan on ending that chapter very dramatically, as well. Stay tuned to see what I have planned and guard your hearts well because something big is about to happen.
You've been warned
*Also, in case you were wondering, the lines that were in italics during the phone call was because Taehyung was holding the phone away from his mouth to yell at Namjoon. When he brought it back up to tell Y/N Namjoon wasn't answering I put it back to normal. I feel pretty proud for thinking of that please applaud me. I'm just kidding, but just so you knew, it wasn't a typo, there was a meaning behind it

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