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My cross Gene one shot submission.
Genre Fluff
Characters Stef, Casper, Cross Gene

It has been a rough work day for Stef. Anything that could go wrong did. Stef worked at a run of a mill convience store. So its not a glamous job. First off she ended up late to work due to her bus not being on time. Next up after only on her shift for 2 hours the credit card machine malfunctions so you could imagine the disgruntle look on customers faces. Then the juice machine breaks and spills soda all over the floor. So she has to go and clean that up. The person who relieves her of her shift was an hour late, so she had to stay an extra hour.

Stef heaved a huge sigh of relief after stepping outside her work place. Hiking her bag up on her shoulder she heads to the bus stop. Her phone starts ringing as she is walking. Reconizing the ring tone, Stefs lip turn up in a smile. Answering the phone.
"Hello Zhong love" She says.
"Hey jagi." Zhong replied.
"Are you able to come home tonight?" Stef asked
"Im sorry jagi. I know its our anniversary but our manager is making us work on the choreography for Black and White." Zhong said with regret in his voice. Stef gives a soft sigh.
"I understand love. I will see you when I see you." Stef said
"I love you jagi. Happy anniversary" He replied.
"I love you too. Happy anniversary. See you later love" Stef said. He said his good bye and hung up. Stef looks up at the sky as tears fall down her eyes. Shes use to this but with her bad just mounting up that call made the tears flow. When she agreed to go out with Zhong 3 years ago. She understood that he was an idol and that he will be gone alot due to his busy schdule. Stef didnt mind though cause she knew it was his dream.

Stef steps up on to the bus and takes her seat. The bus rides along as STef stares out the window. Her tears had dried up by the time she reached her stop. After getting off the bus she starts walking home. She reaches her home. Unlocking the door she enters it. She notices rose petals scattered on the ground. Placing her bag and keys down then slipping off her shoes. She follows the petls to the dining room where there was a candle light dinner set up. She gasps in awe. She felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her waist.
"Do you like it jagi?" Zhong whispered in her ear. Stef spins around in his arm and hugs him tightly.
"I love it! But i thought you had to stay late?" She asked.
"Well the manager heard our conversation and told me to go home and spend our anniversary together. I ordered out though cause wasnt enough time to cook." He said smiling.
"Thats fine. Im happy as long as you are here." Stef said. Giving him a kiss on the lips they sit down to eat. The night goes on as the conversation flows. Suddenly Zhong starts fidgeting and looking nervous.
"Zhong love is everything ok?" Stef asked concerned. He looks up and smiles.
"Yes everything is perfect." He said as he stands then kneels down on one knee.
"Stef i know being with an idol is hard and stressful sometimes but we never let that stop our love for each other. You have been my rock and have supported me no matter how many dates ive broken. You still greet me with love and a kiss. So Stef will you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" He asked revealing a silver sapphire ring.
"Yes! Yes!" Stef said flinging herself at Zhong hugging him tightly. He slips the ring on her finger and enterlaced their fingers together.
"I love you Zhong." SHe said
"I love you too my jagi." He replied.

The End