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Lee looked at Jin with surprise. She felt bad. "I-Im sorry. Ill clean it up." Jin shook his head and lifted her onto the counter. He carefully stepped around the mess to go for the broom and towels.
Jin cleaned it all up and smiled. "Should be safe to walk now." As he said the words he stepped on something. Causing him to hop. "Ow ow ow."
Lee laughed. "Sit and wait for me." With no complaints he as told. Lee went to her room and came back with a first aid kit. She pulled out the tweezers and signaled for his foot. She looked and found the glass. Every time she touched his skin he flinched. She chuckled and refocused.
After a while, Lee was successful in getting out the glass. She sprayed it and put on a cute Disney Princess band-aid. Jin looked at the work then stared at her. "Sorry. it's the only ones I have." He smiled. "Pink is my favorite color!"
Lee laughed. "I'm more of a purple girl."
Jin started walking carefully back into the kitchen. "Purple is alright. Where are the leftover boxes?" Lee opened the cabinet doors next to the fridge.
Lee watched Jin put the food away and start on dishes. She couldn't stop thinking about how he held her. She couldn't figure out if she liked it or was afraid of it. But she had to remember the rules.
"I'm uh, I'm going to go to bed. Um, tomorrow is Sunday so feel free to do whatever you want. I'm just staying in. Good night." Lee quickly went to her room and locked the door. She listened for Jin and when she heard him go to his room she fell asleep.

Lee was walking to her bed and noticed the window was open. She walked to it and closed it. She locked the window and heard the floor creak. She whipped around and didn't see anything.
Shrugging it off, she climbed into bed and curled under the covers. Suddenly someone jumped on top of her and tried choking her. She tried screaming but couldn't. Her body tried getting them off of her. Someone called out her name over and over again. Her attacker became blurry.
"Lee! Lee open up!"
Her door crashed open and Jin rushed to her side. She jumped out of the bed and went to the corner. "No! No don't touch me!" Tears fell down her cheeks.
Jin carefully walked towards her. "Its okay. It's just me. Its Jin."
"Jin?" She looked up and noticed him. Her eyes widened and she held herself. "I'm so sorry. I guess I was dreaming."
"Is it okay if I sit next to you?" She nodded. "What happened?"
" Someone was trying to choke me." Lee looked up at the door. "What happened to my door?"
Jin ran his hand through his hair. "I um, kicked it down so I could get in. I'm sorry. I'll pay for that."
"Don't worry about it." Lee finally looked at Jin and noticed he was wearing some pajama pants and no shirt. He had a nice toned torso and she wanted to keep staring.
"I'm going to try to sleep again. Thank you for coming in."
Jin nodded and left. Within a minute he had a blanket and some nails. he made a blanket door for her. "Just until its fixed." He smiled and left.
Lee stayed on the ground for a while before climbing into bed. She didn't sleep much. But she couldn't wait for Monday.

Well there we go ^^ I hope you enjoy.
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