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I can't call them Highlight I just I can't do it
It's okay to still call them BEAST. There is 7 years of music that is BEAST. 7 years of appearances and performances. They are still BEAST in our hearts, no matter what they have to call themselves legally.
It's going to be a transition. It's hard to get used to it right now. When I talk about them in a chat or I make a card, I have to remind myself that they are now Highlight. It doesn't seem natural. But think of it this way: if it is this hard for us to call them Highlight or get used to the name change, how must it be for them? BEAST has been their identity for 8 years. That's who they are. That's what they've called themselves and how people know them. That's how we identify them as a group. Our poor BEAST babies just had to say goodbye to their identity. They are hurting over this and they have said so on their SNS. They understand that it will be hard for B2UTY too, but in time it will become easier. Try to remember that they did it for us, so they could move forward with this new chapter in their story and comeback to us sooner. We could have been waiting years for a BEAST comeback and now we only have to wait a few months, possible less.
Give it some time. We all need time.
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No problem. Its hard for everyone but we can get through it together