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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 1772 Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game. Part 9/?
Chanyeol's Pov: He had been at the front desk when it started raining. Not to long after a girl came in.Her outfit was very exposing with a pair of 6in heals. He rolled his eyes as she walked towards him. She was pretty but not his type, and he had y/n, and she's he's ever wanted. “Hi!” She said in the highest pitch of voice making Chanyeol clenched his teeth. “Hello welcome to SM Entertainment, what can I help you with?” He said in a semi loud tone, there were a lot of people here. “Well, I would really like to see you after your shift.” She said leaning in the desk starting to rub his arm. Just then he heard someone come in but when Chanyeol tried to look over to see who it was she grabbed him by the caller and pulled him in for a kiss. When he tried to pull away she kicked him from under the desk causing him to shut his eyes in pain. When he pulled away panting he heard something small but metal drop on the floor and a girl ran out of the building he looked back at the girl that kissed him in disgust and screamed. “SECURITY!” Two guards came and kicked her out the build and he went to the back and have someone else work to front. He felt absolutely disgusting, he went to the bathroom and washed his mouth. The day was coming to the end and when Chanyeol was leaving he saw something shine on the floor, when he bent down to pick it up his heart dropped. It was the ring he had given you last night and then he remembered. While he pulled away from that girl someone ran out of the building. That girl was y/n. That means y/n saw her kiss him, but she didn't stay long enough to see him kick her out. He picked up the ring and ran out the building to his car, he needed to talk to you. Jackson's Pov: Jackson and y/n had hung out all day. They caught up and she opened her heart to him. They had went bowling and went to go see a movie. After you went to a fancy restaurant for some tacos and caught up some more. He was staring at when, when he noticed you stopped eating. “Y/n, I know this is probably hard for your to answer right now, but what happened today, why were you crying?” He said looking back down at his food. When he heard you sigh his head shot back up. “I know you found out me and Chanyeol were together…..” she pause and just before Jackson was gonna say you didn't have to, you continued. “Well the girl my ex was cheated on me with ,was at SM today, and when I walked in…….” you started to tear up and took a deep breath before continuing. “and I walked into her and Chanyeol kissing, I didn't want to believe it but he looked to be enjoying it….so I threw a ring he gave me and well you know the rest.” She started eating again. Y/N’s Pov: It was hard to tell Jackson, but you needed to tell someone. You just wanted to cry, you wanted to go to Chanyeol and ask him why? Why did he do this to you, the day after telling you he loved you? And you were the only one I counted on! What am I supposed to do? The one that hurt me is the only one that could fix me. Jackson must have noticed you spacing out because he put his hand on your shoulder. “Y/n, Chanyeol's an idiot, he wasn't worthy to have you. Someone as amazing as you, your the most beautiful, funny and intelligent girl on this planet. And if Chanyeol or your Ex can't see that then….then they don't deserve you.” He moved in close slowly breaking the space between you. Your body trembled, you gulped down your saliva and bit the side of your lip. Jackson looked you in the eyes and slightly lifts your chin up a bit as he leans in for a kiss. The feeling of his warm soft lips pressing against yours made you feel like you had butterflies in your stomach and like time had stop. When he pulled away your body felt light and hot. You pulled Jackson back for a hug and smiled. He knew the kiss will need to be forgotten but you knew he just wanted you happy. “Haha um” he coughed “uh it's getting late, we should uh go home” he said helping you up. You both pushed in your chairs when BTS butterfly started playing. “Haha um would you like to dance” he said holding out his hand. You smiled and took it. You danced practically hugging him until Namjoon’s part came on thats when you both actually started dancing once the song was over you were both panting and the people in the restaurant clapped and cheered which made you blush. He got you home and walked you into find Jungkook and Yoongi pacing back and forth and Namjoon and Jin on their phones with someone. They all stopped when they saw you, and ran towards you screaming. “Y/N!” They yelled Yoongi grabbed you and pulled you into his arms with Jungkook. “I was so scared, you said you'd be at SM and that you'd be back before 6, y/n it's 8:30!” Jin sounded like a concerned mother...which he kinda was. “What happened, why are you with Jackson? Oh yeah Hi Jackson.” Namjoon said while Jungkook and Yoongi let go. “Yeah Jin said you'd be with Chanyeol, what happened?” J-hope said putting his hands in his pockets. As he said his name you started to tear up. The guys noticed and put a hand on your shoulder looking at Jackson, who was looking at his feet. They sat you down and Jackson helped you explain what happened. J-hope and Yoongi were seeing red, and the other looked to be disappointed. Jackson had to leave and he gave you a hug before he did so. You, Jungkook, Jimin and Tae went to Nam Joon's room to play video games and listen to music. While the rest of the guys stayed downstairs. J-Hope’s Pov: J-hope, Namjoon and Yoongi stayed on the couch and had Jin cook dinner. It's was around 9:00 when they heard a knock on the door, Yoongi had fallen asleep and Namjoon moved into the kitchen with Jin soo J-hope got up to answer it. He opened the door and he was ready to pounce. “What the hell do you want?!” J-hope yelled loud enough to woke up Yoongi. “J-hope I need to talk to y/n, please!” Chanyeol said a little off by the surprise attack from J-Hope. “What's going on?” Yoongi said popping up behind J-hope. Chanyeol swallowed his saliva and tried again. “I need to talk to y/n, I need to clear something up” he said getting a little annoyed. “She's not here.” Yoongi said blunt and fast, making J-hope looked at him. “What?” Chanyeol said with his heart in his stomach. “She’s out with Jungkook and Jimin.” As Yoongi spoke Chanyeol could feel his heart breaking. “Yoongi, J-hope please tell her to call me when she gets back, please.” Chanyeol said as he started to tear up. J-hope nodded and closed the door, as it shut they heard someone run up the stairs. “Shit!” Yoongi and J-hope said then running up the stairs. Y/N’s Pov: You were leaving the bathroom when you heard J-hope yell. “What the hell do you want?!” J-hope yelled and it woke up Yoongi. You slowly made your way down the stairs to see was going on. You saw the door open and heard him talk. “J-hope I need to talk to y/n, please!” Chanyeol?! What is he doing here? “What's going on?” Yoongi? You were stood halfway down the stairs, praying the guys wouldn't hear you. “I need to talk to y/n, I need to clear something up” Clear what up? That he's a lying rat! To think you called him your best friend lead alone your boyfriend. “She's not here.” Yoongi’s sudden answer surprised you and warmed your heart a little too. “What?” He sounded hurt…. “She’s out with Jungkook and Jimin.” As Yoongi said that you could feel your the guilt building up inside you. “Yoongi, J-hope please tell her to call me when she gets back, please.” Chanyeol was hurt, or maybe his ego was, either way he's feelings some kind of pain, but you felt broken. You couldn't help the tears from falling. J-hope closed the door and you ran back up the stairs, into J-hope's room closing and locking the door behind you as you cried against the door holding your knees. You heard someone run up the stairs and start knocking on the door. “Y/n please talk to us!” J said pressing his forehead against the door. “We couldn't let him talk to you after what he did y/n come on.” Yoongi said sounding hurt. Bangtan were like brothers to you. Yoongi, Jungkook and Hope being the closest. You had to open the door. You opened the door and running to there arms sobbing. They held you close and Jungkook, Jimin and Tae came out of Namjoon’s room to see what the commotion was. They moved into the hug too feeling bad and seeing how hurt you were. You felt at home and hugged tighter as the tears fell. You hated Chanyeol and the guys but you also loved them, they've been here for you since the first day of dance. At least you had them. Jin called you guys down for dinner and when you all walked down the stair you heard yelling outside. The guys heard it too and went ahead to go check it out. Namjoon and J-hope opened the door and ran out immediately. Jimin and Tae ran to the door and looked back at you. You ran over to see but they stopped you. “Hey! Move!” Yoongi picked you up from behind when you heard more screaming. “Yoongi! Put me down! Let go!” You broke through and stop dead in your tracks on what you saw. “JACKSON STOP!”
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