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All the other fandoms recognized it..Ahgase are lovely as our boys are.. lets keep it that way..Iam proud of GOT7 and Ahgase....I found this in Amino and wanted to share it here...
We have all of them, the Boys as example to be that kind of fandom..It makes me so happy to read in those coments an ARMY saying BTS and GOT7 are best friend..that touched my heart..becauae I believe that too..I believe also ARMY and Ahgase feel the same way.

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I love it when fandoms come together to support each other that's what K-POP should be all about this makes me tear 😢 up it's so beautiful to see I'm an ELF and multifanfom im the type that supports everyone out there and loved everyone ❤❤❤❤
@YessicaCardenas Aaaw😢 i know what you mean too.
I just wish that fans could be like this all the time instead of fighting
That's very encouraging to see how fandoms can get along without drama. 😉
aww thats so sweet T~T