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The Gold Box (BTS FANFIC) Ch:5 18+
"Your lazy ass is getting so much exercise by doing this." Raejin says laughing.
"Shut it!" he replies
"You know what Yoongi we need to talk later about this attitude." Raejin says pushing his head lightly with her hand, as they go inside Yoongi stays silent. She hears Suzy talking on the phone with Dr. Steven. Yoongi steps in the living room, Namjoon is already sitting on the couch his eyes focused on the screen.
He walks upstairs towards his bedroom, he lays Raejin down on the bed. She bites her lip because it hurts to move. He walks to his dresser and brings the back a shirt and a first aid kit. He puts the shirt around her leg once again. Lifting Raejin's shirt up, he cleans around her open stiches. Silence fills the room as Yoongi tries to focus on cleaning the wound, he avoids eye contact with Raejin knowing that she is looking at him.
"Two shirts, I owe you two shirts..." Raejin says break the silence between them. He ignores her comments, narrowing his eyes as to focus on what he is doing, she knows he is trying to hide his expression.
"It's better than last time" She whispers "Only the stiches are open...."
"Don't move too much, it will hurt."
Raejin touches his shoulder.
"Is it okay? You have been picking me up lately. It's not hurting again, right?"
"Don't worry, it isn't. Also...." he pauses "We will get her back. I promise" he manages to say.
"We better. She is my family. I can't lose her." His eyes shot up to her. She sees his eyes are bloodshot eyes.
"I know.... but you can't come with us."
"Yoongi... is it so hard for you to trust me?"
"Don't talk about trust."
"Then, what is it?"
"You are injured."
"If I stay here and something happens, then what? No one would be with me and I can't just go to you like last time. You won't be even in the country." Yoongi looks at her. He nods agreeing as he places his hand on her cheek. Leaning down slowly, he brings his lips near her. Suddenly, the door opens making them both jump. Raejin yelps in pain. Rich freezes on the spot his eyes fidgeting as he realizes what was happening.
"Uhhh... Dr. Steven is here......He is coming to see you, Ma'am." He stammers looking back as the doctor walks with his bag. A tiny man in his 60s walks in with round glasses. Rich walks out closing the door behind him.
"What did you do this time, troublemaker?" He says narrowing his eyes at her. He looks over at Yoongi who bows at him. "What's wrong with your face?" he asks Yoongi.
"I---will be back" Yoongi mumbles and goes into the bathroom. Dr. Steven looks at her and winks. He walks over to her and sits down.
"Oh God! What is this mess? You really are trying to die or something?" Raejin doesn't respond and looks down. He looks at her, then puts his bag on the bed. Opening it he takes out skin stapler.
"I came in a hurry and I don't have anesthesia so..." Raejin looks shocked at first, then she thinks about it for a while, then nods at him to continue. He asks her one more time if she is sure, she nods looking over at the bathroom door still locked.

Ali opens her eyes watching her kidnapper tie her to a chair. His hand accidentally touches her arm. He looks at her and says.
"I love how smooth your skin is." He says.
"Why are you doing this?" Ali manages to say.
"Wow, do you know what type of a person your sister is? Who she works for? Or what she does?" Taehyung looks at her raising his eyebrow.
"No, I mean she is nice, a little temperamental, I don't get why you are after her."
"Ocean's water is blue but, is it?" Taehyung laughs.
"I don't get it." She tries to play innocent.
"You will, one day. As of now you can think of me as a bad guy."
"But are you really the bad guy? Or is there another reason?"
"It depends on how you see it. They took away what was mine and I want it back, is that bad?
"what is it? And what does my sister have to do with this?"
"Don't worry about that, does Jin think I am fool to make me believe what is mine? I don't think that was it. But this right here is what I see as mine." Taehyung brings his face near her smiling as his voice gets deeper.
"W-what?" Ali responds. Suddenly, she sees a boy entering. He has a wide smile and brownish hair all tucked in his snap back.
"Look who we have here!! A pretty face!"
"Can you not?" responds Taehyung.
"Leave me alone!"
"Ehh she has her sister's personality."
"Right? But not her sister's looks." Hoseok nods, laughing in agreement.
"How about we share next time?"
Share...? Share what? Me? Ali tries to shake the thought out of her head but seeing the guys in front of she can't help but get a little scared.
"Ehhh but I want her to myself!" Hoseok says smiling at her
You people....bunch of pervs!" She yells.
"She is so innocent. I want that!" Hoseok comments winking at her.
"Get lost!" Ali yells.
"Pretty face, those words don't suit you." Hoseok pouts.
"Hoseok....." Taehyung says in warning voice and grabs his arm.
"Like you said, I took after my sister." Ali spites back
"Indeed, you did, I have known her since she was a rookie. That bitch is crazy." Hoseok says. Ali rolls her eyes at his comment as Taehyung drags him outside.
"I am telling you, not her. Go to BB she has girls that you can go for."
"Ohh, does she now?" Hoseok responds smiling and then leaves leaving Ali and Taehyung alone he sits there for a while and stares at her. Ali tries to think of million ways to get out of here in her mind. She replays today's events repeatedly.
After a while, Taehyung gets up and walks near her. He sits in front of her. Ali looks at him narrowing her eyes not sure about what he was trying to do.
"Not sure where to start."
"What do you mean? Don't you fucking dare!
"Hmmm, where should I begin? I know where! With...your sister."
"What?? What are you going to do to her? Taking me isn't enough? Leave her alone! You know, Yoongi would kill you!" Ali screams at him. Taehyung just laughs at her. They are interrupted my Hoseok who enters the room with gun.
"What the hell?" Taehyung yells.
"You thought I would just leave it like that?" Hoseok smirks. "I reported, she will be with me now." He says smiling at Ali.
"Don't.touch.her!" Taehyung yells and unties Ali. She gets up trying to leave but he pulls her back. Hoseok runs as he hears the cops coming. Soon, they enter the room. Ali yells for them to help her. Taehyung puts his hand on her mouth and drags her with him to the back door that leads to the back of the house. One of the cops' yell. Ali struggles to stop him put it is useless as he picks her up. She kicks and yells to get down but finally gives up. She hears him call someone named Jason. They reach a room with a big window. He puts her down and grabs her shoulders, forcing her to look at him.
"You will see a truck coming, all you have to do is jump
WHAT!? ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY? HELL NO!" Ali yells. As she sees his eyes move towards the window and opens it. He frags her with him. She looks down looking at the truck filled with haystack.
"Here it is, JUMP!"
"NO, I WON'T!"
"AH!" He screams piking her up in his arms.
"OMFG! I HATE YOU SO MUCH!! DO NOT JUMP! WE WILL DIE!" Ali screams as Taehyung puts his hand on her head and forces to press her head to his chest to protect her. The last thing Ali remembers before they jump is putting her legs around his wait and felling the air as they fell.
"OW!! Fu....!" She hears Taehyung say as he continues to hold her body tightly against his. Apparently, when they jumped her head his jaw making him scream.
She separates herself from him not believing they just survived. She feels the car moving, she looks back and the house gets smaller before her eyes as they drive further. Taehyung crawls towards the front and yells "Country house!!" It seems like the driver didn't hear him. He tries to find his phone in his pocket praying it didn't fall. He finds it he calls someone. "JASON! Can't you hear me? I said go to the country house!" He yells again. Ali looks at him as he stares back at her.
"Are...you okay?" she manages to asks.

Yoongi comes downstairs as Dr. Steven leaves. He thanks the doctor bowing to him.
"She is good now, just be careful with her medicine" he says looking at Suzy. She nods.
"And make sure she changes her bandages he looks at Yoongi this time. Yoongi nods in agreement.
Namjoon tells him the location of Taehyung and Ali. Suzy was able to find out that they were in Japan. As Yoongi and Namjoon talk about the passports and tickets. Yoongi asks Suzy to text Rich about the transactions that were made between these two days and asks for a report.
"Yeah we are leaving tonight. Babe, you packed my stuff with yours, right?" Namjoon tells him.
"Yeah I did" Suzy responds sitting down.
"So Raejin is coming?" Suzy asks Yoongi handing him her jacket that she had with her.
"Yeah, she is being stubborn. And I kind of agree with her this time. Also, I don't want to lose the sight of her." Yoongi says looking down at her jacket that still has blood stains. He remembers the memory of him giving her the jacket as a present. Suzy and Namjoon sit down on the couch as Namjoon puts his arm around her, playing with her hair.
"How did you find out, babe?" he says kissing her forehead.
"I have my ways." Suzy smiles. They look at Yoongi who is looking at them with a bored expression.
"I am not gonna wake her up till we leave because she passed out right after Dr. Steven was done. He didn't have anesthesia." Yoongi finally says.
"Yeah, we know. We hear her yelling and cursing." Namjoon says. Suzy smiles a little.
After a few minutes, Suzy and Namjoon leave to meet Rich as Yoongi walks upstairs to Raejin. He enters the room and sees her open her eyes a little. He carefully lays next to her on the bed. She holds his hand as always; it is her habit to hold his hand when she falls asleep because she scared he will leave.
"You didn't come out of the bathroom the whole time. He had to redo all the stitches without anesthesia. What the fuck am I? Wonder woman?" she mumbles.
"Yeah, a troublesome Wonder woman." Yoongi whispers looking at her.
This story is not only written by me but my other friends to :) <3 <3 <3 <3

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