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Ok Here is another story coming your way....Im going to say there isn't going to be much smut at first but there will be some....I hope you all enjoy this and i will try not to take too long before smut happens.


"Are you still coming over tonight?" Maria asked "Yes." "What time?" she asked "Um probably around 9, I'm going to be at my sisters for a while." "Can't you come earlier than that?" she begged "I'll try but No promises." "Ok, but heres an incentive. The guy i told you about is here and he really wants to meet you." "Oh, well now the pressure is on." "So hurry." She laughed "Ok." "Alrighty see ya soon." She hung up the phone. This is what i get for letting my friend try to set me up. Last weekend she tried to set me up with one of her co-worker's but I didn't like him. He just wanted sex, it really wasn't a let's try to date thing. So i turned that one down. This weekend i hope it isn't another flop. I pulled into my sister's driveway. I was greeted by one of my nephews. "Aunt (y/n) I want to show you something." He said hugging me then pulling me into the house. "Hi (y/n) my sister said as i was pulled through the living room. "Hi!" i waved "Look what i got." he held up a VR goggle thing and handed it to me. "Ah this is pretty cool buddy." I ruffled his hair. "(y/n)" "coming!" I turned and walked out of his room. "How was the drive?" "You mean the whole 10 mins?" i laughed. "Yeah." she laughed and handed me her baby. "My cute baby nephew." I said making a face at him which caused him to laugh. For my sisters kids I was mush. They were all so adorable and this was only half of them. Over the next couple hours we spent talking and eating and playing with the kids. Finally 8:30 rolled around. "Ok I have to go I promised my friend I’d come to her party." And right on cue she called. I laughed. "Is that her?" my sister asked. "Yup." I ignored the call and said my goodbyes then left. I drove back home and changed and then went over to her place. When I walked in there were several people there. There were 3 guys and 3 girls. "(y/n) you're finally here!" Maria said hugging me. "Are you drunk already?" I asked laughing. "Noooo." She tried to keep a serious face then laughed. "Oh ok." "Ok so this is Mark, BamBam and You've Met Namjoon before." Maria said pointing to each guy. "Hey Namjoon." I waved at him. Namjoon was friends with Maria for a while so i saw him often. "And these ladies over here are, Eun-mi and this is Hana and she's dating Mark." My friend informed me. "Nice to meet you all." I smiled. "This is (y/n)" she said and then moved to get a drink. Mark stood up catching my eye. He smiled and grabbed a drink beside me. "So you've finally arrived." he laughed. "Yup." "You know my friend has been bugging Maria all night about you." "Oh." I looked down I now think this night was going to be awkward knowing that he probably expects something to come out of tonight. "Don't worry he's a great guy." He took his drink and sat next to his girlfriend. I took my seat on the barstool and took a sip of the drink i was handed. Oh man was it strong. No wonder Maria was already drunk. "Hey." I looked to my left and BamBam was sitting next to me. "Hey." Now it was uncomfortable. "So how do you know Maria?" He asked "Oh we are friends have been for a few years." "Thats cool, Because of Mark Living here is how i met her." he smiled "Ahh." This was hard. Over the next couple hours we talked or more of he asked questions and I’d answer. I didn't really ask him much. But I think it would have been easier on me if we would have just been hanging out like I was with the rest. At one point Bam bam and Hana went to go get some fresh air and Mark sat next to me. "How's it going?" he asked "Ok." "Nervous?" "Can you tell?" "Well i can but him probably not because he's nervous too." "Why is it so hard, I mean it's not that hard to talk to you." "Because a relationship can't come from us talking bt with him there is a chance of one starting and you don’t want to mess it up." "Wow....You're pretty smart." I laughed "I try to be." He smiled and then the door opened and in walked Bambam and Hana again. Hana sat next to Mark and put her arm around him. I smiled they were cute together. Bambam sat next to me but he sat closer than before. His leg rubbed up against mine. I glanced at him and he had a nervous smile on. At that moment my phone dinged. I looked at it. One of my roommates needed me. "Hey, Maria." I said standing up and walking towards her room. "What?" "I gotta go. I'll see you later. " "What!? You can't leave yet. You haven't done much with Bambam." she winked. "Dude." "At least get his number." "Ok." I said and turned back to see Bambam right there. "I wanted to give you my number." he said looking down for a second. "Ok, here." I unlocked my phone and had him put his number on my phone. I then called his number and let it ring. "There. You have my number now as well." "Ok, Ill talk to you later then." he smiled "Alrighty bye everyone." I said and walked out the door and went to my car. As I walked to my car I could hear them all talking since the window to Maria's apartment was open. "Way to go Bambam you finally have a shot." "Man took him long enough good push Maria." "Now don't screw it up." "Ok ok I'll do good." I smiled and shook my head. I wonder if something can come out of it?
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ahhh you have Joonie in there. and tiger???? where you going with this???? 😲😰😤😜
kekek youll see soon...mwahahah i feel so evil...