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Hey everyone! TwistedPuppy here!
high4 release a new video today 4 hour ago. I was super excited to watch it! the song is called love line.
while watching it i notice that had clips from old music video and behind the scene clups added into this new one. it also seem like it showed high4 from debut to now in this music video. it seem to be kinda like a reminiscing type of MV too me. I know it seem like a happy song but it gave off a sad vibe. .maybe it just me...
Okay so I guess what I'm trying to get at is that I'd like to ask you all to show some love and support to high4 and their new music video.
especially because sunggu the leader will be leaving soon after they finish their court in Japan around March. No other news was giving about the group disbanding so far. I'm hoping and praying that they don't because high4 work so hard and their very talented too.
their the group that got me into kpop so please help me give their new music video more views and support. high5 really needs y'all help right now. because I feel like this is a way of show sunggu that we love him and need him and want him to stay.
so please help us high5 help high4 I'd really appreciate it! thank You!

TwistedPuppy aka vinny the smut king.

sunggu don't go!
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what scares me the most is that not only is SungGu leaving, Alex has to go to the military in the next year or so
a year ago·Reply
omg that right 😣
a year ago
They are pretty good.
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They are good.
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but hes my heart and bias! i kinda hope its for military service and not to leave the group i wanted HIGH4 to grow so much
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unfortunately he leaving the group
a year ago
Where is Sunggu going?
a year ago·Reply
He leaving the group no explain was give as to why but yeah
a year ago