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So recently I've been seeing people post about this girl named 'Rion'.
She's a Japanese EXO "fan" that has been harassing Suho for a long time. The video at the beginning is Suho reading a sign that she was holding up that said, "Rape Me Suho".

Its obvious by his expression after seeing the sign that he is very uncomfortable.

There have also been reports of Suho feeling very uneasy at the sight of her.
She has given him a tissue with a kiss print on it, which made him feel a lot more uncomfortable.

Suho of course tries to ignore her, but I dont blame him for being uncomfortable when ever she is around him.

Exo-L's have actually dealt with her in very harsh ways before after regonizing her in public and/or at concerts and fanmeets. There was one Exo-L that recognized her and splashed her with water and yelled at her. Another indecent was in a fanmeet where Exo-L's forbid her to entet the venue to see EXO.

Now, my opinion on this whole Rion character is that she is disgusting. Harassing a famous person, or anybody in general is disgusting and just low. She is a 17-18 year old girl that is acting like she has no moral code whatsoever. Suho has obviously shown signs of discomfort with her presence, she should get the hint to stop. It's not funny, not cute, or appealing at all.
She's trash and needs to stop. Thanks, that's all bye~
I feel so bad for Suho. He doesn't deserve this.
I read she recently went Manila for EXO'rdium and stood near the stage with that sign, AGAIN! That's twice in one year. I feel bad for him, if SM won't do anything legally, the managers should at least protect him. Come on, the EXO-L in Manila could've protected him. I really hope and pray they do something about her. I know legally, she hasn't done anything physically but she might if she's that crazy.
I agree with you that she needs to be stopped but that doesn't give people the right to hurt her... It just makes the situation 10x worse then it already is... Plus even though she is horrible to Suho I don't believe he would want us to hurt someone in behalf of him.
wow that girl needs to stop before she gets hurt via exo l or arrested
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