10 months ago100+ Views aunt just died..she went to the hospital 1-2 weeks ago with heart failure and she got better so they transferred her to a rehab center to learn to breathe and walk again, normal shit, and then she went to sleep, never woke up. When my cousin went to see the body, she was holding the stuffed bunny that my uncle had when he died. I never got to say goodbye...
Rest In Peace Aunt Darla....
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I'm sorry for ur loss :(
10 months ago·Reply
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Means a lot
10 months ago
I am so sorry for your loss fighting stay strong
10 months ago·Reply
Love and prayers going out to you and your family.
10 months ago·Reply
sorry for your loss (⌣_⌣”)
10 months ago·Reply
sending good vibes and my sincerest apologies for your loss. I know what it feels to lose someone like that so my prayers are with you and your family
9 months ago·Reply