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"(y/n) are you okay?!?!? " Namjoon walks towards me and wipes the blood off my lip.

"What happened?!?! " I look over his shoulder and see V and Suga staring at me.

"I uh slipped. I didn't see the slippery floor sign." I managed to make a fake giggle.

"Don't worry about it let's eat. " I fakely smile at him.

*****next day*****

I look beyond the horizon I'm back up top of the building again staring down. Usual, everything is so small down there.

Why am I up here again?

Everything goes black. I open my eyes again. I look down on the floor and see me laying there. I'm watching myself. No I remember this. I slowly walk backwards only to meet a wall. A door opens and I see him. The guy that cause me to want to kill myself my ex Jackson. I see him lifting my body up and slapping me back to conscience. No I hate what he's done to me. I see myself screaming to try and get away he grabs my neck and slams my head to the bed frame. I remember it all. I feel dirty. I scream out knowing that it's all a dream. That my mind is just remembering what had happened that night.

"(Y/N)!! Wake up! " I jolt up from my bed. I see Namjoon worringly looking at me next to me.

I'm still in complete shock. I hide into his arms.

"(y/n) what's wrong what happened." I said nothing and knocked out.

I slowly wake up again this time in the morning.

Im still hugging Namjoon. He wakes up.

"You alright? "

"Yeah I'm fine don't worry. " I stand myself and get ready for the day. I walk out the bathroom and hear voices outside in the living room.

"Hey guys what's for breakfast? " I stop immediately and see him sitting with the guys. Jackson and the rest of his members....
I'm sorry I'm so late I had this written already but never posted it I'm so sorry but ik this story short but bare with me it gets better