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Who: Reader x Sun Ju Kyung
What: Smutmance (what you get when Smut and romance have a baby)

Story: You never thought you'd agree to something like this. His interests are unconventional but you're willing to taste this life he likes..

Ju Kyung's POV

"What makes you think you can ask of such a deal over one boy?" JYP said annoyed.

"Because Park Jinyoung, this one boy is the best friend of your Chinese member. If I were to kill him he could probably get the Chinese to retaliate against us but then that would involve bringing in the Circle. My means of torture is justified considering he tried to burn my fiance alive."

"Jai Er was following orders." JYP said.

"Yes from Taehyun someone brought in by another JYP member. Had Minjun kept his attack just to me, we wouldn't be talking right now he would be dead and my girl would be safe. Instead, one of your men was the guiding hand that led to Jai coming after her and me coming after him and if you think I'm going to stop with Jai Er have a look at your Thai Princes."

The smile that was etched onto Ju Kyung's face, especially as he raised his knife back up near Mark's neck, was again sadistic. Jay stood with his arms crossed and staring down at Mark. Chase was still standing by the front door.

"The last thing either of us want is the Circle being involved in this. Immunity for both sides means never again will I come after Mark and none of my men including me will come after you. The same goes for my side too. Y/n is off limits and everyone in my company should remain untouched. The moment either line is crossed means the deal is over. We both benefit from this JYP."

"Fine bring Mark to us-"

"No, we'll meet somewhere a little more public. The heart of Seoul specifically and your seal has to be with you." Ju Kyung said.

The frustrated sigh of Jinyoung made Ju Kyung happy. The Circle was a trump card for just about everyone. No one wanted the Circle involved. The most powerful people of each Asian country was in the Circle and they over saw things when criminal activity got out of hand. Battles for territory were normally left alone unless it got quite bloody. When wars began though, even the slight hint of one beginning they stepped in. While criminal actions kept them in a bit of power, it was the Circle's collective power and influence that not only kept must of the criminal acts hidden but also covered anything up if there was a risk of exposure. The Circle was everyone's greatest ally and their greatest fear.

"Alright it's almost four it'll take at least an hour for us to get there." JYP stated.

"I'll return him at six don't be late." Ju Kyung said before he hung up the phone.

Jay sighed and stepped up to Ju Kyung.

"I'm going to get him some medical attention." Jay said.

"Don't worry I have someone in mind if she answers her phone." Ju Kyung said.

Ren wouldn't ask questions but she may not be ready to deal with this side of him again. He did tend to get way too aggressive after being here. She'd fix Mark up without too many questions though. He called while looking down at Mark's pitiful state.

You're such a control freak.

Her voice was just as pitiful as Mark's state. If they had done any of this to her he would've killed them all without hesitating. West Corridor had given him a taste of power all those years ago. It had given him control over hundreds of men, over territory, over money. He built himself up with the help of this place and other gang members. The more blood he shed the higher he went, the more powerful he became. Jooyoung had ended his power trip but he still craved control and power and control went hand in hand. He wasn't sure if he could change that about himself, it seemed like it was in his nature to take control of everything.

"Hello." A female voice came to Ju Kyung's ear.

Instantly, he was pulled out of his trance and zoned into the voice over the phone.

"Ren, I need your help with something." He said.

"If it's relationship coaching for your girlfriend I can't exactly help with that I can only talk to her about being a pet." She said.

"No I need medical help. Are you free?"

"Uh yeah. Look Ju Kyung if you're going to pull me back into that life-"

"Ren I need you this time, will you help me?" He said.

He could hear her sigh and she said,

"Alright Ju Kyung."

"Chase is going to pick you up." He said.

"Fine, I'm just leaving the hospital I'll be at the Sunbills cafe across the street."

"Got it."

They hung up and Ju Kyung turned to Chase. He told him where she was and Chase left out. Jay took Chase's place by the door and watched Mark.

Ju Kyung sat on top of the table staring at his phone wondering whether or not she was okay. He instead texted one of the men he had guarding her tell him what was going on.

Ju Kyung: How is she?

Sungjun: She hasn't left your parents house since she arrived sir.

He felt comfortable knowing his mother was looking after her. Despite being poor and growing up secretly being involved with gangs, Ju Kyung's parents made his childhood as great as they could. They had nothing but still did everything they could to make it seem like him and Yoojin were the richest kids in the world. Ju Kyung's mother was nurturing and his father was disciplined. She was gentle and he was firm, those two halves created an incredible balance. Now that they were older his mother was more playful and his father was more relaxed. They could and would take good care of her. Hopefully his mother could've made her eat by now too.

"Minjun won't stop." Mark muttered.

"What?" Ju Kyung said annoyed he was talking.

"Minjun won't stop, he'll be the first to break the deal. He'd rather watch you suffer. He's filled with rage."

"Let me handle Minjun." Ju Kyung said.

"I just don't want to end up kidnapped again or dead for a war that will inevitably begin." Mark said.

"Minjun's revenge couldn't have blinded him so much that he'd be willing to deal with the Circle." Jay said.

Mark gave a slight shrug,

"Maybe he doesn't plan on being alive long enough to deal with them." He said.

Ju Kyung and Jay looked at each other. Mr.Lee was still out of reach, he had been trying to get Minjun removed from Y/n's account. That was an even more urgent need now than before. Minjun could be filled with so much revenge his only goal maybe to see Ju Kyung suffer before he died himself.

After about twenty minutes passed, Ren and Chase came into the room.

"Thanks for coming." Ju Kyung said.

"Yeah sure thing." She said looking horrified at Mark's wounds.

She came down to the ground before him and set her bag down. She may have only been a nurse but she knew enough to treat him. She was serious and silent as she worked on him. The only time she spoke was for a bucket of hot water and a cloth to wash blood away. She had to bandage his shoulder and arm. She cleaned his face and wrapped a cold pack around his head to reduce the swelling of his cheek. She disinfected his cuts but there was nothing she could do to help his bruises. She sighed, the sight was painful for her,

"I'm so sorry." Ju Kyung heard her whisper to Mark.

He nodded but didn't say anything. Jay had checked the time and if they didn't leave soon they'd be late. He and Chase got Mark up and took him to the car. Ren collected her tools in her bag and headed for the door but stopped just before walking out.

"When I saw you in the hospital with Y/n, I was honestly shocked. I could see how much you loved her and when the results came back that she was pregnant I thought 'yeah maybe he'll change'," she said.

Ju Kyung looked down almost ashamed at himself just by the tone she used with him. He knew what she was going to say next. That he didn't change at all, that he'd always be this sadistic.

"You haven't changed a bit and bringing that girl into this life, this girl you claim to love, who is pregnant with your baby, is toxic." She finished.

"I know that."

"No. I don't think you do." She said.

He looked down at her, she didn't submit because she wasn't his puppy anymore. He had no power over her and she wasn't backing down. It didn't change that it was still something he needed to hear.

"Listen to me Ju Kyung, you can't keep doing this or something bad is going to happen to her and that baby."

He shook his head,

"No I wouldn't let it." He said.

"Yes, Ju Kyung it will happen. Do you know how many women I've seen miscarry because of the stress brought onto them by their husbands or boyfriends. I've seen a pregnant woman die in a hospital bed, she was five months and she died because of her brother's connections. I've taken care of enough people to know that a life like this will only back fire on the people you love. You love her Ju Kyung; I know you do but it's only a matter of time before you become a bigger threat to her than any one else simply because you love her but you continue to dive into the torture room. And let's say she does survive and she gives birth to your baby, can you imagine holding that beautiful baby in your arms one day? The tears of joy, the smiles on both your faces, the first time she feeds the baby and falls asleep with it in her arms. It'll be the most beautiful thing you'll ever see and the happiest day of your life. Now imagine one of your enemies taking that away from you. Bombing your house, killing her as she walks into her office. Imagine out of a fit of revenge they take everything you've ever loved away from you. An uneraseable action, something you could never go back and fix but you know damn well if you had just ended this she and your precious baby would've been alive. How far would revenge drive you Ju Kyung? How long would it take for that guilt to eat away at you- until there was nothing left." She said.

"Ren I need you to stop."

"I know you do because I know how you are and I know this is making you upset but you know how dangerous the men your dealing with are; I'm quite sure she doesn't. I'm well aware Taehyun is the devil and your his favorite demon but she's the one thing that makes you human. You're mortal now Ju Kyung, you can't keep antagonizing demons and expect to get away with it forever." She said.

She turned and walked out the door and he followed her out, down the hall and to the car. He had her sit up front but because her house was farther from their meeting point they had to drop her off at the train station. Both what Ren said and what Mark said ran in his head. They were both painfully correct, he put them both in danger the more he did this. Minjun wouldn't give up, that possibility was high considering he held the idea of revenge for so many years already. Ju Kyung would be driven with the same sense of revenge if it were Y/n and the baby. The picture Ren painted for him had him ready to kill someone, torture someone, just get the frustration out.

Was it too late to stop now?

He couldn't bare the thought of leaving her again. He just couldn't do it again, not his baby not his fiance.

His Y/n.

They reached the heart of Seoul and JYP's men came to retrieve Mark, among them was Im Jaebeom and Kim Yugyeom, with of course, Jai Er. They stood in their suits waiting for them to approach. Ju Kyung left Mark in the car with Jay until he got the seal from JYP's boys. He walked up with Chase by his side. Jai Er's eyes were on the car. Yugyeom looked mean and aggressive. His favorite weapon was a bat anyway; he fit the bad boy look. Jaebeom had two earrings in an ear and one in the other. It was slightly out of place seeing him in a suit but he had such a disciplined facial expression on he could've had snake bites and eyebrow piercings and still look like the leader of the boys standing before Ju Kyung.

"Do you have the seal?" Ju Kyung said.

"First Mark." Jai Er said.

"You see him, he's alive and breathing. I get the seal, you get mine and then I return him there's no more negotiating." Ju Kyung said.

Jai Er lunged for Ju Kyung but Yugyeom stopped him. Jaebeom calmly turned his head to look at Jai Er. Jai Er looked back at him and calmed down. Jaebeom turned back to Ju Kyung and reached into his jacket to pull out the little seal book. Jaebeom and Ju Kyung both pulled out their seals. Immunity on both sides to prevent a far bigger disaster that might happen. Immunity seals were created by the Circle. The books each head carried with them held every seal they collected. It was proof that immunity or a sign of peace between two parties had to be honored. If it was broken the Circle could get involved. It was like breaching a contract and being able to take the other to court for it. Once the seals were exchanged they took their books back and Ju Kyung signaled to Chase and Jay to let Mark go. Ju Kyung looked to Jai Er,

"Taehyun sent you after her, I know you were following orders but I do what is necessary to protect someone precious to me. Don't take the act of giving him medical attention as a sign of weakness Jai Er just consider it a courtesy. Honor your bosses seal and you won't have to deal with me again." He said.

"From me to you Ju Kyung, I knew when you I took the job you would come for me. That's why I checked to make sure the house was empty before I burned it down." Jai Er said.

Everyone turned to look at Jai Er. He stuck his hand in his pocket and tossed what he grabbed to Ju Kyung.

"I'm not stupid. I know who you are and I know who he is. I pulled a Huntsmen trick; that is the key to the garage, Taehyun wanted me to meet him there when he got back. You could go in my place." He said.

"Why?" Ju Kyung looked at him suspicious.

"Consider it a courtesy." Jai Er answered.

The three boys turned around, Jai Er and Yugyeom helped take Mark back to their car. Ju Kyung, Jay and Chase went back to theirs as well. Ju Kyung looked at the garage key Jai Er gave him.

"A huntsmen trick." He questioned.

Jay laughed amused,

"Like in snow white. The evil queen sent her huntsman out into the woods to kill snow white. In a few versions, the huntsman tells snow white to run away and he either brings back a deer's liver or a deer's heart to 'prove' he killed snow white when in reality he saved her. Jai Er is the Huntsman."

"Why do you know so much about Disney princesses?" Chase asked.

"Brothers Grimm homie, they did it first and they did it better." Jay smiled.

"Did they even write Snow White?" Chase said.

"You know I can't be sure really."

Chase laughed with Jay, Ju Kyung stared at the key though,

"What are you going to do?" Jay asked.

"Go see my fiance, I'll drop this off with one of my men and have them check the garage out. Besides I still need to send out the notice for the seal." Ju Kyung said.

"Give her a kiss for me." Jay said.

Ju Kyung looked at Jay and Jay laughed. Cha cha then drove off to drop them off and end the night. All he could really focus on was having her back in his arms.

You can't keep antagonizing demons and expect to get away with it forever.

How far would revenge drive you Ju Kyung?

How long would it take for that guilt to eat away at you until there's nothing left?

Y/n's POV

When you two caught up with his parents, Mrs. Sun started talking to you about dresses. She was interested in what you chose to dress in for work. Ju Kyung was keeping a watchful eye over you meanwhile in the back of your mind the image of that man's face was there. He couldn't have been watching you two, it was more like he happened to see you two and was stunned for a moment. Your father wouldn't have run off like that though, he would've flew into a rage instead and tried to open the door and pull you out. If he had done that Ju Kyung would've probably killed him, himself. Good thing he was already gone but that man looked a lot like your father and he seemed more startled than anything when you saw him. He even looked back at you, the look in his eyes, as if he couldn't believe what he was seeing was what unsettled you.

Even as you talked to his mother with a smile on, your hand slightly tightened around Ju Kyung's. In turn, he held your hand tighter too as reassurance. You guys were walking through a giant shopping center when you saw the women's department and it looked exactly like what you would need.

"Ju Kyung I'll go with your mother okay." You said to him.

"No, I don't want to leave you." He said.

He stepped up to you and slipped his hands onto your waist and you said,

"Ju Kyung I'm a big girl I can go shopping on my own."

"I have to pay for your stuff."

"I never asked you to do that and I never agreed to it either. Look I have to get an entire new wardrobe, work clothes, evening dresses, casual clothing. It'll be spring in no time. I have to rebuild my whole closet so let me go have a little fun and you stay with your father yeah?" You said drawing your finger gently across his forehead before your palm smoothed over his cheek.

He looked you in the eyes intensely but that only made you smile a little. He brought you closer to him and pressed his forehead to yours. He smiled,

"If you want to shop with mom I'll give you two some distance but I want you in my sight. I've got to keep an eye on you and the littlest bunny."

You pecked his lips,

"You worry too much, try and relax a little you'll gray early."

"Bad bunny." He whispered against your lips.

You kissed him once more and snuck out of his arms but he still had your hand. Half way to getting to his mother he twirled you back into his arms to whisper in your ear,

"There's an exotic sex shop in here. We're going in there today to get you some new clothes and maybe even toys if you're on your best behavior." He said with a grin.

"Your parents." You said embarrassed.

"Don't worry, I've got that planned out too." He smiled.

You smiled and hurried out of his grasp. He was setting you up for something and you thought it was funny but dangerous too. You wrapped your arm around Mrs.Sun's and you two walked into the women's clothing store. They had some pretty casual dresses that you liked but you needed something a little more professional.

"What are you looking for sweetheart?" She asked.

"I need pants suits, and maybe a few skirts. If you see a black pencil skit that would work."

"Have you thought about what you'll do when your belly grows, you'll need maternity clothes too, or at the very least a few things to get you started." She said.

"I have sometime before that happens though right?"

"Yes but it's good to be prepared. You don't need too many things but try getting a few dresses a size or two above your normal size that way the day it sneaks up on you you'll be prepared." She said.

You laughed but agreed to look for a few things that would leave room for a growing belly. The thought brought a smile to your face though. Your hand smoothed over your stomach as you thought about the flat surface rounding out as your precious baby grew. You didn't even think about any of that the first time you were pregnant. You thought about getting away, that was the only thing that was important at the time. Now the idea of your stomach growing, giving birth, it was exciting but scary. You looked at yourself in a full body mirror and brought a black dress up in front of you. You turned to the side looking at your stomach again. You sighed and sat down.

"Honey what's wrong?" Mrs. Sun asked.

"Oh nothing, I just think it's kind of sinking in that a lot is changing so fast. I mean the same day I find out I'm pregnant he asks me to marry him. Now I'm engaged but all my things have been burned down and there's a baby coming and I'm happy about the baby but the last time I was pregnant I was only a month before I lost it. I never actually processed that at the end of nine months I'll be pushing a tiny human out of me.... and that is- scary." You said.

"Having kids is scary, especially if it's your first one, I mean I know you said you were pregnant before but you won't lose this one." She gave you a small smile.

Her hand reached for your stomach to rub it gently,

"Babies are a new world of responsibility, they're vulnerable and need protection and that responsibility alone is scary but trust me once you hold that baby in your arms for the first time, you'll instinctively know what you need to do. It'll still be scary for a little while but with time it eases itself away and before you know it, you'll be a pro." She said.

"Thank you." You smiled at her.

"You're welcome sweetheart. Just know if you ever need to talk to someone about it I don't mind talking to you."

"I'll keep that in mind."

She stood you up and helped you continue shopping. By the time you left the first store you had two bags filled with pants suits and dresses just for work. You two headed into another store looking for casual clothes after you gave Ju Kyung your bags to hold. His mother talked to you about various things though, she kept your spirits up and your mind floated away from anything negative which was for the best. The less stress you had the better for both you and the baby. When you looked up to see if Ju Kyung was outside the store, you noticed he was gone. You looked around confused and wondered if he had walked out for some reason. You stayed close by his mother, he must've conditioned you to stay close to someone by now because you just felt the need to stay close to her now that his eyes weren't on you. It was only fifteen minutes later before you and Mrs.Sun walked out of the store again but you didn't see Ju Kyung or Mr.Sun.

"Where did they go?" You said lowly.

"They must've gone to get something to eat."

"Without us?"

"Don't worry sweetheart with the way Ju Kyung caters to you I'm sure he'll bring something for you to eat too." She said.

You chuckled at her as she pulled you along to the next store. She kept you talking about clothes you liked to wear and what you did for work. She started asking you about places you liked to go and wanted to know if you had any ideas for a honeymoon. She even started talking about having an party for your engagement. She was just so excited to have a daughter and you adored her for it. It was just another experience on a long list of normal family experiences you never had. She walked you out of the store again while telling you about Ju Kyung when he was in high school,

"I had to leave work to get him from school because he got into a fight. He wouldn't tell me why he got into the fight but there was always some little hint that he did it because he didn't have any other choice. I don't think a lot of people messed with him after that fight." She laughed.

"Y/n." Ju Kyung called you.

You turned to see him sighing with relief,

"Why did you leave the store without telling me?" He said hugging you.

"You left the store before us." You said.

"Yeah besides she was with me, we've been talking all day. I just love her Ju Kyung." Mrs. Sun said.

"So do I and I'm not sharing." He teased.

"Clearly." She laughed.

A man in a black suit came up to both you and Mrs. Sun and he reached for your bags. You looked at him oddly and Ju Kyung said,

"Don't worry baby he's one of my guys. He's going to take your bags back to the car."

He bowed to you without a word and you handed him your bags. You looked at Ju Kyung,

"Ju Kyung-"

"I have eyes everywhere remember." He said.

You nodded. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and said,

"Alright I've given you two enough space she's mine now."

"Oh come on I had like an hour and a half with her."

"That was plenty of time." Ju Kyung said.

She laughed and rolled her eyes. Mr.Sun simply laughed and wrapped his hand around her waist to walk with her. The four of you headed into a wedding shop at Mrs.Sun's request and you went and looked at suits with Ju Kyung. You two were caught between two different racks. He was behind you looking through suits and his mother and father were on the other side of the store looking through wedding books. She looked so happy and the way she looked at him made you believe she was reminiscing about when they got married. You picked up a suit and turned to Ju Kyung who was still looking through the rack. You smiled at him,

"Your mother likes weddings doesn't she?"

"Yeah anytime she hears wedding she thinks about all the things she did for hers. Then she starts making suggestions on colors and bridesmaids dresses so you know, just be ready for that." He said turning his head to look at you.

You laughed and showed him the suit you grabbed,

"What do you think of this?" You asked.

"The suit is nice but I'm not a fan of the material, it always makes me itch." He said.

You nodded and set it back on the rack you took it from.

He turned to look at you when you came up next to his and he cupped your cheeks and gave you a quick kiss.

"Baby why don't you start looking for a dress. Even if we don't buy it you'll have an idea of what you want." He said.

"This still feels unreal, like I'll wake up tomorrow and you will have never of asked me to marry you." You said.

"I want to marry you, that'll make you mine forever," he kissed you.

"And we'll have a family of our own. Little bunnies and ducklings running all over the place." He smiled.

"Your place isn't going to hold all those babies and us."

"We're getting a new place anyway. Too many people know where I live already we'll get something more guarded." He said.

You laughed.

"Y/n I'm not going back on this, I will marry you. I regret that you weren't my first love but you'll be my first and my last wife."

"I think I can live with that." You said lowly as you came closer to his lips.

He kissed you again this time giving you a deeper kiss to stir your soul. You wrapped your arms around his neck and his tongue took over yours. The feeling of it gliding against yours made your body sensitive to touch. You wanted him to kiss you other places, feel his tongue just below. His hands you wanted gripping onto your ass, you were so used to them being there now. He lifted you up a little bit making you laugh but you two couldn't get out of control the way you wanted too. You regretfully pulled away with a smile on your face.

"Put me down." You whispered.

"Why, I thought you'd like the view from up here." He whispered back.

"You two are cute."

You both turned your head to see a female sales woman on the other side of the rack. You chuckled and Ju Kyung set you down. His hand found the top of your head to smooth down your hair. You bit back the satisfied moan stirring in you when he petted you.

"Can I help you with anything?" She said.

You took the opportunity to mess with Ju Kyung while he spoke with her. You first turned to him and gave him a hug, just a secret way to slide your hands down to the front of his pants.

"If the inside has a satin lining that's better." He said.

"Is this an indoor or an outdoor wedding?" She asked.

"We haven't decided, I'll see both for now and keep the options open." Ju Kyung said.

As she was finishing up with him, you finally undid his zipper and reached into the slit of his boxers. You turned around to look at the rack as your hand started to move along his growing erection. He pressed into you but you continued to move your hand. The woman walked away while you used your free hand to push suits to the side as if you were still looking through them. He growled low and hot in your ear. His hands came up to hold onto the rack and he kissed your ear before he said,

"What are you doing baby?"

"I thought that was obvious." You smiled as you continued moving your hand.

He bit your ear making you press your lips to stifle a small moan. You let out a low sensual exhale and bit your lip. You moved your hand more on him.

"I will fuck you right here Y/n." He said turned on.

"Good." You said turning your head back to look at him.

He cocked an eyebrow and lifted the back of your dress and pushed your panties to the side. He quickly pushed into you making you bite your lip to hold in the cry. Your head came down to hide your turned on face. He let your dress drop to the sides to frame you two. The racks were covering your bodies though, it was the perfect place to be naughty. He kissed your neck,

"Don't give us away baby, you've got to look like you're looking for a nice suit for me." He said with chuckle.

Your free hand started to move suits again while he moved painfully slow inside you. You bit your lip loving the tease but wanting him so bad. He came back up to your ear and said,

"You're holding me so tight baby. Is this killing you?"


"Then let's go someplace private." He said.

The woman came back with a few suits just as Ju Kyung was pulling out from you. He thanked her and she pointed him in the direction of the dressing room.

"Can I help you with anything?" She asked you.

"Not just yet, it depends on what he chooses." You said.

"Alright." She nodded and walked off.

Ju Kyung wrapped his arm around your waist and led you to the dressing room. She'd given him three suits that he hung on the rack before he told you to sit down.

"You're going to be a good little bunny okay Velvet."

"Yes Master." You smiled while biting your bottom lip.

"Take off your panties."

You quickly slipped off your panties and he knelt down and pushed your legs open.

"Don't make a sound." He said.

You nodded and his tongue gently swiped your folds. He flattened his tongue to lick you up multiple times moving slow but the way he was breathing was so sensual it turned you on more. Your hands went to his hair and gripped it. He let the tip of his tongue tease your clit, giving it so much attention. You bit your lip and your hips wiggled feeling yourself get closer. You opened your mouth to speak as a warning but he saw you and put a finger to his lips to shush you. He slipped two fingers inside of you hooking them up to add to the mind numbing pleasure. You brought your legs in closer to you trying to keep your whines in. You tapped his shoulder trying to warn him but he kept licking you and fingering you. His fingers pumped fast and hard into your tight hole before your walls caved in on his fingers and you bit down on your arm to hold in the scream you desperately wanted to let out. His licks didn't stop there, he pulled his fingers out of you and pushed them into your mouth, making you taste yourself while he continued to eat you up. Your heart was racing, pounding and your body was so fucking hot. He finally sat up, pulling his fingers from your lips and undoing his pants. He pushed them down a bit and lifted you up into his arms. He pressed you against the wall and hooked your legs into his arms.

"My turn baby." He warned you.

He brought you down to push inside you while he kissed your neck. Your arms wrapped around him as he went to town on you. His thrusts were hard and powerful but even in their pace. Slow but amazing the way he built himself up for his climax. You wished he would've started inside you in the beginning so you both could cum at the same time. He looked up at your face and made eye contact with you. His eyes never wavered; they stayed on yours, turning you on even more. You wanted to make a sound but you held it back. Your face looked so fucked out, the mirror behind him let you see him over your body and that made it hotter for you. You felt another build up but you heard him say,

"Baby I'm so close."

He set you down and quickly turned you around; you were facing the mirror now. He pushed inside you and brought you close. You could see his eyes looking at you in the mirror, he came up to your ear and whispered,

"This is how I had you against the racks. Now I can watch your face while I Fuck you from behind."

He moved harder now that he didn't have you against the wall. Your body was telling you to come again but you tried holding it down. You squeezed him tighter and that was exactly what he liked, feeling you tight around his cock while he fucked you senseless. You fought to keep sounds in, making your mind go wild. You were going to scream but bit your arm instead.

"Fuck baby, I'm gonna cum." He warned you.

He moved faster, soon turning you to the seat and bent you down further so you had to hold yourself up right with your hands. His hips lost their even pace and became sloppy and his breathing was choppy. He let out a low groan with his last thrust and you felt his hot substance fill you up. You quickly played with your clit trying to finish the high you had rising up. He kissed the back of your neck as he lifted you up. You moved your finger faster when he turned you to him.

"You're gonna cum again baby?" He asked.

You nodded quickly and breathing hard, he kissed you and moved his finger to your clit too, helping to get you off. Your body jerked and you moaned into his mouth as you came again. He kissed you deeper, muffling the sounds as much as he could until you had calmed down. He came off your lips slowly and said,

"You came again with out asking Velvet."

"I'm sorry Master." You said in a pout.

His thumb came to your lip to wipe some saliva away.

"Don't pout bunny. You'll just be punished okay."

You nodded.

"I'm keeping your panties, you're going to walk around just like that. A wet sticky mess." He said.

You weren't sure if it was a good idea to sit down now. That smile on his face was evil too.

"What about trying on clothes?" You said.

"I suggest if you try on anything to be prepared to buy them." He laughed.

He turned and started to get undressed to try the suits on. He told you to sit and you did, then crossed your legs hoping you could keep from getting your dress wet.

"Y/n." He said.

You looked up.

"Nothing, I just forgot to take you out of it." He said referring to your pet state.

"Your mother keeps asking if we picked a date for the wedding yet." You said.

"We just got engaged like two days ago. We haven't had time to pick a date."

"Still she made me wonder about something. If I'm buying a dress, I'm buying one for two. In a few months, my stomach is going to grow. Even if I were to find something I like now, five months down the road I won't be able to fit it anymore." You said.

"Yeah I see what you mean."

"So we should really pick a date where I can wear the dress I choose. If it's going to be six months from now I'll look for one closer to that date."

"Y/n do you want a big wedding?" He asked.

"Not really, most of my friends are your friends and I have no family so there no point."

"Look, my mother wants to throw us an engagement party and knowing her that might be in the next few weeks or sometime next month. If you're not looking for a big wedding then we can ask her to turn the engagement party into a wedding. Next month it'll be March, we can do it sometime when the weather is warm and have the ceremony on the beach, maybe in Busan." He said coming over to you.

"You want to marry me next month?"

"I'd marry you today if it were possible." He kissed you.

You smiled,

"I'll need a dress."

"Then start looking because when we leave here I'm taking you to the erotic shop." He smiled.

You laughed and kissed him,

"If that's the case then don't go with that suit, it'll be too hot." You said.

He nodded agreeing and went to take it off. You got up and walked out of the dressing room telling him you were going to tell his mother while he tried on the other suits and go look for a dress of your own. As soon as you walked out though, you saw Minjun by one of the suit racks.


"Y/n." He smiled.

Perhaps it was you but he didn't seem surprised to see you at all...
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