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Hello dear honorable global members, LCF COIN GLOBAL DIGITAL CURRENCY NETWORK BUSINESS! WHAT'S GOING ON? I am gonna register large numbers everyday from today! So, I will pm each one of you to confirm the following again for me to quickly register you in the order of direct communication with me: 1. Your full name: If you changed before your naming order, please give me your right full name order, just being used in your country, first middle and last, in global normal case, in all Capital Letters 2. Your gender: male or female 3. Your mobile phone number including country code like whatsapp number 4. Your ID number, shown in your passport, national or state docs, voter's id and driving license etc. 5. Your email: if not provided, I will use mine provisionally, then later you can change after the official launching of the site 6. Your sponsor's full name: He or she must move fast to register you asap for you to register your own people. If you don't know your sponsor, please just say don't know! If you don't have your sponsor, just say don't have, then I will assign your sponsor! Anyway I will check my geneology excel, so you cannot lie to me! Please Don't even think about that! 7. Your sponsor's whatsapp phone number: I will contact him to urge to register for you asap! Once you are registered, I will give you your New ID=Username and password, then: 1. you go to www.lcfhc.com to confirm you are registered correctly and to register your dowlines at your hands manually asap. This ShenZhen based company does not allow excel based registration at the moment, different from BeiJing based company whose website is not yet available. I will let you know what to do later about it! 2. The log in page www.lcfhc.com is still in Chinese language only and system is still so slow or unstable, but don't be afraid (it will be better soon), you just type in the first row your New Username I or your sponsor gave you, then in the next row your password given to you, and enter! Gioing into your back office, on the menu, you now change the language into English, and start to register your dowlines asap and amap! How to register your downlines? Please go to my facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/256090144802674/permalink/259759547769067/ Now free entry registration war just started which will go on until the end of March until further notice to stop by me. Great opportunity for all of us, so please take it and utilise all the daily update info I will give you here and in my facebook group! If you can't wait for me, please you pm me first at whatsapp text only not by fb messanger because sometimes it is a little bit annoying and hard to track , I will answer you in 24 hours whatsapp text only! whatsapp text. +821022534121