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Ayo! Lovely readers🙂 So I'm goin to be gone for almost a week starting the 13th of March. I was planning on updating IWKWLI a lot before I leave but I was thinking it would move the story along too fast. I do have another story in the works.I can do a lot of chapters for that one while IWKWLI slowly builds up and will have something to read when I come back and bring the DRAMA for IWKWLI.
This would be the story I will post if y'all want it. It's basically about Jay helping a best friend get into her dream dance career. But of course feelings are hidden and friendships change. Would you like this posted??
your stories are great !! btw
Thank you love:)
ahhh okay I would like that
whatever makes it easy for you I would personally like this story but if the other is easier then do that one it actually sounds very interesting if you continue this story will you ever post the other story ??
Best Friend I was planning on posting close to the end of this one. I was thinking about posting like 3-4 more chapters for IWKWLI before I left and Best Friend was going to be something to read while I was gone