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"It's all about mentality and ability and players will decide whether they want to play or whether they don't. They've decided tonight they want to play," said Gary Neville on Monday Night Football.

게리 네빌은 MNF에서 이렇게 말했습니다.

"오늘 경기는 정신적인 부분과 능력이 결부된 결과입니다. 선수들은 자신들이 오늘 제대로 뛸지 아닐지를 결정합니다. 레스터 선수들은 오늘 제대로 뛰기로 결정한 경기였습니다."

"They just worked harder. It's as simple as that," Neville said.
"레스터는 오늘 그저 열심히 뛰었을 뿐입니다. 간단한거에요"

"Liverpool played right into Vardy's hands. What teams have done all season, in terms of denying him space behind, going deep, Liverpool split the full-backs and left a very slow centre-back on the left-hand side in Lucas Leiva exposed and he actually had the space to run into. It was poor by Liverpool, because they forgot how teams played against Leicester this season.
"리버풀은 바디 손안에서 놀아났습니다. 바디를 막기 위해 상대팀이 할 일은 깊게 틀어박혀서 그에게 뒷공간을 안주는거에요. 리버풀은 루카스 레이바가 나온 왼쪽 센터백 라인은 스피드가 느린 선수들이 배치되어 있었고 풀백들도 멀리 퍼뜨려놨어요. 리버풀에겐 바보 같은 결정이었습니다. 리버풀은 레스터를 어떻게 상대해야하는지 까먹었어요."

"But the best quality they've got is their endeavour, their work ethic, their passion, their fierce spirit for the game they've shown in the last 18 months. It has deserted them in the last three or four months. Part of it has been down to confidence, they've had sandbags in their legs because of the weight of it, part of it is because there's definitely been something going on with the manager behind the scenes, there is no smoke without fire.
"하지만 가장 큰 부분은 레스터 선수들이 열심히 뛰려는 노력을 했다는 것입니다. 투쟁심, 열정, 경기를 찢어버릴 거라는 스피릿,,, 그들이 지난 18개월 전에 보여줬던 것들 말입니다. 지난 3, 4개월 동안 이들은 이런 정신이 메말라 있었습니다.

"자신감 저하의 일부분으로 레스터 선수들은 발목에 모래주머니를 찬듯 보였습니다. 체중 관리가일부 문제가 될 수도 있었지만 무엇보다도 감독과 선수들 사이에 뭔가 문제가 있었습니다. 불없이 연기가 피어오르진 않죠."

"My view on it was that was a completely different level of performance. Our eyes don't lie. In the Manchester United match the other week, the spirit of those Leicester players, they were walking around the pitch. They never once at any point in that game tonight walked. They were at it all night, every single one of them."
"제가 보기엔 이번 경기는 확실히 다른 퀄리티의 퍼포먼스였습니다. 우리 눈은 거짓말을 하지 않아요. 이번에 있었던 맨유 경기에서의 나왔던게 레스터 선수들에게도 나왔죠.

"I don't understand this switching on the tap, the idea that one day you can work hard, the next day you don't," he said. "I do get the confidence thing, I do get the idea of being weighed down but I don't get the idea of this huge shift we've seen in the last three days.
"Shakespeare is not a magician, he's not been able to do that in two or three days. He may be able to influence them over a long period of time but no coach can do anything in three days that can make your players do that.
"That's the players. The players have made that decision tonight, with huge encouragement from a Liverpool team who exposed themselves like you shouldn't do against Leicester."