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Here's the breakdown!

나 (na) - I, me, myself
같다 (gat-da) - To be the same, similar
~은 (eun) - makes the verb an adjective describing the word after it

So 나 같은 ____ becomes: A _____ similar to me

Here are some examples to listen to so you can remember it well!

1. 나 같은 여자 (Woman like me)

Listen at 0:51 for the first time they say it! It's part of the chorus :)

2. 나 같은 애 (a youngster like me)

They start saying it at 0:05 and its repeated through the WHOLE SONG hahaha

3. 너 같은 사람 (person like you)

너 means you^^ They start singing at 0:15!

Have you heard this phrase before?!

산소같은 너
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Thank you!
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What a nice card! Thanks for the new vocab. word as well!
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super junior!!!!!!
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