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Before we start I have a question for which cover I should use for this story
Please comment which one I should use! Hide-j.jk In which a girl would hide her face everyday. -- 馃摑Note-This is a just a teaser for this story -- It wasn't just because I didn't want to show my face it was because I was afraid. Afraid that they would judge me and make fun of me, but now they still made fun of me because I never showed my face "Oh look, it's the ugly faced duckling!" Jungkook, the school's "play boy", said out loud and I rolled my eyes. Why would he call me ugly when he never saw my face before "Good one kookie" Jimin accidentally called Jungkook by his cute nickname and I admit that it was cute so I giggled "Yah! Stop laughing!" He yelled at everyone and was so mad at Jimin "Mr.Jeon is their anything you want to share?" Our teacher asked him and Jungkook was silent -- "Hey ugly faced duckling! Where are you going!" Jungkook yelled and I quickly covered my face "..." I kept quiet and hid behind my lunch box "Stop hiding your fa-" He took my lunch box away from my face and he saw it "I have to go." I said and ran away, but he caught me -- 馃摑Note-Welp that's the end of the teaser! Tags- @KaiLuhan4ever @Mavis2478 @NicoleFireRose @BetseyBleau @KaelieShearer @Michelle305 @MariaMontoya1 @VatcheeAfandi99 @MelissaGarza @FromBlue2U @KeraDelatorre
I agree you should use the first one. i also cant wait to read it
I like the first one and could you please tag me.
Sure! c:
I like the first one...the way she's hiding her face is in a cute shy way.馃槉
tag me also what's j.jk
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You should use the first one. I also enjoyed the teaser. I can't wait to read it.
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