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Que tal peeps!

Long time no see! Well Imma dive right into this one. I think option 1 was the most popular's see if I will use it lol!


“I want to forget. I need you y/n. Moan for me….” Tae said in a husky tone. He unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. He began rubbing my nub through my panties as he kissed my inner thighs. Then he began sucking on my nub through my panties. I was moaning so loudly and then all of a sudden Jimin busted through the door.

Jimin stood there with wide eyes that were turning red. I quickly attempted to close my legs, but Tae held them open. Jimin slammed the door behind him and locked it.

"What kind of party is this shit?" He said with his angry Busan accent.

"What does it look like Jimin?" Tae said while looking up at him.

"You think I think this shit is okay? Besides you have no idea what the fuck you are doing." Jimin said while pushing Tae aside.

Jimin ripped off my panties and dived in head first wildly sucking on me and plunging his fingers inside me. I gasped and my head hit the bed hard.

"Tae...please." I moaned.

Tae looked shocked at first. He was still as a stone, but then he grinned. "You like this y/n?"

"I love what you like." I gasped while softly pushing Jimin's head away.

Tae quickly pushed Jimin's head back into my lap. "Make her come." Tae said sternly.

I groaned so loudly as my hips began grinding in Jimin's face. Tae uzipped his pants and leaned into my face. I quickly opened my mouth as he slipped passed my lips. I moved my head back and forth as he pushed his hips to the same rhythm. I could feel him hitting the back of my throat.

A groaned slipped through his teeth as he leaned in more. I tried not to choke. However, he was bashing my throat. He made intense faces as his eyes rolled back. My body was super off the wall as Jimin began hitting my g spot and Tae banging my mouth. I could feel myself choking. Tae grinned.

"Shit I love that sound." He said while making me gag again.

He lifted up and Jimin and him switched positions. Tae flipped me on all four and Jimin slipped himself into my mouth. I sucked on him for a while as Tae watched. Tae licked his lips and grabbed my hair a pushed my head further down on Jimin. Jimin gasped louder as I gagged loudly.

Tae slowly began rubbing my nub and talking dirty. I felt my legs shaking I waa so close to the edge. Suddenly Tae entered me without mercy and I squirted all over the bed.

"Wow you were already that close?" Jimin gasped.

Tae grinned and began banging me from behind making loud slapping noises. Jimin watched as began running my hand up and down his shaft and placing his pearls in my mouth. He leaned over and began smacking my butt and Tae reached his hand over to softly rub my sensitive nub.

I got that same feeling all over again like fire running in my core mixed with the urgency of needing to pee. I felt myself coming all over again. Jimin bit down on his lip and began making it rain on my face as Tae pulled out and sprayed all over my back side. We all collapsed on the bed.

I couldn't believe what we all just as done. Jimin grabbed a towel and began cleaning me off and himself. Tae grabbed the towel another towel and pushed Jin aside and finished cleaning me.

"Jimin this was the first and last time. y/n is mine, so back off." Tae said in a stern tone.

"Yeah I get it. The best of luck I guess. I know you will do well by her."

"I know he will Jimin. Just don't go bragging about this random event." I said

Tae leaned in a began kissing me softly. Jimin smiled and walked out the door.

"Now let's make sure you won't be able to walk tomorrow." Tae laughed while turning off the lights.

"Tae I have dance class tomorrow! Oppa some mercy!" I said in the sweetest voice.

"Ha mercy is for the weak!" Tae said while pouncing on me.

Time to vote!! Who is next? Comment below only one option please!

1. Jungkook

2. Hobi

3. Jin
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tbh I was listening to take you down by Chris Brown and the gif in the beginning just cracked me up, the beat matched up with jhope "punching" Tae😂😂😂 I swear...