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Warning: Mild Adult Situation

His lips are soft yet unyielding, strong but caressing and heated with a tinge of hunger. The moment they touched yours, your mind went blank. Only feeling registers; the feeling that you want him with the same hunger, but you can’t allow this. With every nerve ending in your body screaming in denial, you push him away.
Having those desires cut off that quickly makes it easy to be angry. You stare up at him in wonder.
“What in the hell are you doing?”
With heat still simmering in his eyes he pulls a crooked grin and looks down.
“I’m simply proving a point.”
“OH? What point is that? And to whom?”
“That the NOT lady, is NOT theirs.” He answers with a slight head motion to the right.
You turn and meet two pair of confused eyes across the room. You cheeks flame and your eyes turn back to him, hurt and anger evident.
“Why would you do this?”
You push him fully away and remove yourself from the trap of his arms. After a few steps you turn, arms folded across your chest .
“We all have an understanding, ALL of us. You’ve just broken that. Not just between you and me, but between myself and them.”
You shake your head in anger as you walk off but he grabs for your arm to stop you. You shrug out of his grip.
“No. There is nothing you can say to me right now, leave me alone."

Can't hardly wait to see where this goes!!
Hmmm, infighting amongst the guys?