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I have watched Jungkook grow from a boy...
To man...
right before my eyes... Hell we all have!
I am very proud of our little maknae. He has come a long way and has proven his talent to the world over and over again.

Good Job Kookie!

I couldn't be any prouder...

Now sit back and let Jungkook sing his heart out to you... β™‘

Jungkook English Covers

1. We don't talk anymore

2. Fools ft. RM

3. Paper Hearts

4. Lost Stars
5. Purpose
6. Nothing Like Us

Korean Covers

1. Sofa
2. Working (Yanghwa Bridge)
3. If You
4. Beautiful (Goblin OST) *insert tears here*
5. I'm in Love ft. Lady Jane

One proud Eonni right here!!

If you would like to be tagged/ untagged from my future cards let me know :)

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So proud of Jungkook ❀