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Hello Topp Klass! It's Melissa, one of your Topp Dogg mod supporters. On the behalf of our Moderator @OppasManBun, I'll be making a Community announcement. Topp Dogg Community wil be having a contest in March. We are calling it 'Topp Dogg Photo Edits Contest'
Its like the title says, its photos edits of Topp Dogg. It starts March 1st, and end March 29th. This will give everyone a chance to enter. The winner will be announce on March 31st. The best Topp Dogg photo edit will be the Winner. Good Luck!

Now for the rules of the contest.
1. You can enter as many photo edits but not in one card.
2. The photo edits has to be Topp Dogg, either as a group or just the members alone.
3. Be sure to tag in the Topp Klass Mod Squad
4. Be sure to have your entry in by March 29th at midnight. No matter the time zone.
Those are the rules of the contest. If you follow these rules, you'll have a better chance of winning our grand prize.
Now for the Prizes for our contest.
We will have a runner up prize.
Runner up prize: a choice of
bias spam
bias Wallpapers
bias one shot
bias stickers

Grand prizes for the winner:
Topp Dogg 1st full album 1st Street plus Photo book and card with Topp Dogg bag pouch wristlet, also a card dedicated to the winner with the choice of 2:
Bias spam
Bias Wallpapers
Bias one shot
Bias stickers
Bias Slideshow video
Bias planner or Journal desk set, which includes either a planner or journal with your bias image on it and pens and penicls.
Its a pretty good prizes, right!
Good Luck everyone!
@destiny1419 Cool! we hope you can πŸ˜†
cool I'm going to try this :)