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Here it is! A One shot for the cross gene contest. Im Sad i didnt get to make as many as I wanted but O hope you all enjoy.

Word Count: 1,129

"Wow!" I said as I stepped out of the airport. This was going to be great, Seoul was beautiful! I quickly grabbed a taxi and went to my friends place. I still couldn't believe she just jumped on coming here knowing no one. The ride was quick. I hopped out of the car and ran into something. "Are you ok?" I looked up. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry. I wasn't paying attention. " "Its ok. Are you ok?" he asked again. "Yeah I'm fine." I finally looked up at him and was frozen in my place. He was so handsome. "Ma'am " I turned to the driver. Shoot I forgot to pay him. I quickly paid him and then grabbed my things. "Do you need help?" he asked "No its right here." I pointed and walked with my things to the door. "Oh are you (f/n) friend?" he asked "I am? Who are you?" I asked "My Name is Shin." "Well nice to meet you Shin. I'm (Y/n)" He knocked on the door for me. "So how long are you staying?" "I believe a few months." "Awesome." the door opened. "(y/n)!!!" My friend pulled me into a hug and then pulled me into her place and Shin followed. "Thanks for the warm welcome." I laughed "I see you met Shin." she glanced at him. "Yup!" "Where are the others?" She asked "Oh they are probably practicing or eating." he smiled. "Shouldn't you be doing the same?" she asked "I was on the hunt for food and was walking by your place sooo." "Ok i get it. Now that you have met (y/n) you can go back to what you were doing." "But can't i just have some of your food." He walked to her kitchen. "No...I don't have anything right now, we are going to head out to get stuff now that she's here." "Oh fine, it was nice meeting you (y/n)" he waved and walked out the door. "Ok lets go." (f/n) said

After i threw my things into the room i was staying in we left to go to the store. As we walked through and grabbed food she got serious on me. "So (y/n) about Shin, He's a great guy but..." "Are you going to tell me not to fall for him?" i asked "No...well sorta if you fall for him thats uncontrollable but you're not staying forever and he needs to know that." "Ok I don't plan on falling for anyone here, I'm here to have a good time with my friend who up and left me 6 months ago." "Ok, i was just letting you know to be careful." She smiled and walked towards the register. *A month later* "Shin stop it!" I said laughing "No never!"He laughed back "Stop! Ill kick you!" I squealed "Try me." he laughed and I attempted to kick him but he moved out of the way every time. He only stopped when I was taking deep breaths and looked like I was having difficulties breathing.

"Aww look at the lovebirds." My friend said causing both of us to separate fast. "(F/n) Shut up, we are just really good friends." I pushed her shoulder. "Uh huh." She smirked. "Hey (y/n) will go with me to get snacks?" Shin asked "Sure." I followed him out of the room and slipped my shoes on. We walked a tiny distance to the convenience store and started picking snacks. Once we were done we headed back. But he grabbed my hand and pulled me in a different direction. "Shin where are we going?" I asked "I want to show you something but we gotta hurry." As we made our way closer to the water I could see that the sun was setting. He stopped finally when we got all the way to the edge of the water. "Wow this is so beautiful!" I said He said something that i couldn't understand. "What was that?" i asked

"Nothing, this is what i wanted to show you " he pointed with his other hand. I looked down at our hands that were still together. My heart skipped a beat and i smiled. I looked at the sunset and enjoyed it with him. FWD>>>>>2 months Over the last couple of Months I've grown attached to certain people. As I packed my bag I started crying. I didn't want to leave but I had to. I had other things in store for me. "(y/n) are you ok?" I turned towards my friend. "I'll be fine." "You know you could always just stay." "I can't. I took off enough time." "Why don't we get you a job here?" "Its not that simple. Dont you remember the process you had?" "Yeah but..." "It's ok. I had fun I need to go back to reality." I finished packing and headed to the airport. "Tell Shin and the guys bye for me." I said hugging My friend one last time. "Tell Shin yourself." She said and spun me around. Shin was there.

"You were going to leave without a goodbye?" He asked closing the distance between us. "I thought you were busy." "Ill drop everything for you." he hugged me. "Don't say that." "(y/n) please don't go." he asked still holding me. "I'm sorry i have to." i tried to get out of his grip but failed. "(y/n I need to tell you something." "Dont." i tried to stop him from destroying what we had. "No if you are leaving you need to know. I love you." I closed my eyes and tried to fight the urge to say it back. "I'm sorry. " I said pushing away from him finally. "Don't be." "Shin, I'll probably never see you again. Please find your happiness." I grabbed for my luggage. "I'm sure my happiness is with you." I had to shut this down. Even if it meant hurting him. "Shin. I don't love you and I won't. I'm leaving and your staying here. You only are a friend to me and mean nothing more." "(y/n)" "Goodbye Shin." i said and quickly walked away and went towards the security section. I held back tears until i got through security and then i let them flow. I was dying inside. It felt like my insides were being ripped up. Why did he have to say those words to me knowing i was about to get on the plane to go back home. Right before i got on the plane my phone buzzed. I looked at it.
Shin: Have a safe trip. I will miss you.
I turned my phone off and sat waited for the plane to take me away.
Alright I hope you enjoyed is welcomed.

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