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Genre: Angst Pairing: Reader x ??? Length: 1862 words Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol Summary: He was my everything, but I was just his game. Part10/?
Jackson's Pov: He had drove home and parked as he got out of the car he remembered he gave his coat to y/n. He needed to return the coat to JYP first thing in the morning and started to walk back to get it. He was on the sidewalk in front of BTS’s house when stopped.Him and Jackson faced each other both with hate. Jackson didn't care why he was there. He broke his deal with him and his promise with y/n. Jackson remembered how hard you were crying, and how much pain you were in. Not to mention you were alone, that other asshole could have found you before and done something worse. He was seeing red and started to run to tackled Chanyeol. Chanyeol was strong though, they got into a full on fist fight. He started yelling and grunting with each punch and block. They were fighting and arguing for a while till Jackson kicked and knocked the air out of Chanyeol, causing him to fall to the ground. Jackson sat on top and Chanyeol and starting beating him. He started tearing up and then felt someone's hand on his arm. He elbowed back and stopped whoever it was. He didn't stop till he heard you scream. “JACKSON STOP!” He stopped and J-hope and Namjoon were able to pull him off Chanyeol. Y/N’s Pov: As you screamed he looked you in the eyes and stopped. After elbowing in the gut causing him to fall back. He only broke eye contact when Namjoon and J pulled him off Chanyeol. You rushed to him, cupping your hands on his cheeks,you started to tear up, “Chanyeol , Chanyeol come on, look at me…please,” you begged.You brushed back Chanyeol's hair from his pale, sweaty face, “Please…don’t do this to me.” Chanyeol wanted to tell you that he loved you and explain what really happened. That he needs you and didn't want any of this to happen, but he wouldn't do it in front of a still strong and angry Jackson. Instead, he said the only thing that could be said, “I’m sorry...." you teared up and looked back at Jackson. You ran to him starting to punch his chest. “Hey! Hey! Y/n! Y/n stop!” Jungkook said pulling you away from him. You pushed him away and ran back to Chanyeol. “Why did you come here!?” cried into his chest. “Why did you do this…...Tell Me!” You sobbed and looked him in his eyes. “I…..I love you…” you wiped the tears from his eyes as he started to tear up. “I love you too” you said with your head on his chest listening to his heavy breathing. “An ambulance is on the way y/n you really don't need to see this.” Yoongi said trying to pull you away. “No!” You refused “I want to be-” “go” you were cut off. Chanyeol looked at you as you knee down to him grabbing his hand. “I'll be fine, I promise” he caressed your cheek as the sound of sirens grew in the distance. You nodded and went with Yoongi back in the house. Where Jin was wait with a glass of water and a blanket. They sat you on the couch and looked through the window as the paramedics lifted Chanyeol onto a gurney. You looked down and started to cry. Yoongi pulled you into his embrace as you cried and your heard the ambulance leave and you sobbed more. Yeah Chanyeol hurt you, but you meant what you said to him. You did love him, you prayed from him to be ok, as you fell asleep in Yoongi’s arms. J-Hope’s Pov: He was in a little pain from when Jackson punched him but he didn't care. The ambulance had just left when Jackson dropped to the floor. “Are you guys mad at me?” He said not looking at neither him or Namjoon. “No, we would've done it too.” He said feeling bad for Jackson. “Yeah, just not a time this man.” Namjoon added. “Does she hate me?” He was referring to y/n. He really liked her, but after what he did she was probably pissed. “She's hurt” Namjoon said helping him up. “Go home Jackson, get some rest.” Jackson nodded before adding, “Can I you drop off the coat y/n had on to me tomorrow, thanks”with that he left. The guys made their way back inside and saw Yoongi caring you up the stairs. They all had to long of a night, ate dinner and went to bed. When J-hope opened the door to his room he saw you in the spare bed, and Yoongi on the floor with Jungkook. He sighed. “Hey, come on guys she's safe I got her.” They got up and went to there own beds, except J-hope. He grabbed your baby blanket and laid in bed with you, hugging you and your blanket together. Chanyeol's Pov: He watched you go back inside while his vision darkened till he saw nothing. When he opened his eyes he was back at your house. “What?” He stood at the front door herring the same screams from before. The door was locked and he couldn't kick it down. He ran to the back of the house and his heart stopped. “Y/N!” He screamed as her ex stabbed her in the side. Then throwing her off the balcony. “No!” He ran to catch you but the closer he thought he was getting the farther he actually was. “NOOOOO!” He cried out watching your body hit the hard ground. He was back where he stood and tried running to you again. “ Y/n!” Chanyeol screamed looking at your unconscious body. “Y/n! Y/n! Please!” He had said lifted you into his arms. “GET UP! Please y/n….please!”He pleaded tears rolled of his face staring at your eyes slowly opening. He laid your head on his knees and held your hand to his heart. “Y/n? Y/n!” He screamed scared of you going under again, staring at your motionless body that laid complete lifeless on the floor. Not soon after you came through. “Why?” You said ever so softly. “Why would you do this to me Chan? Why'd you leave me?” Chanyeol sobbed more. “No! Y/n no! I didn't leave you y/n please!” He screamed noticing how pale you were getting. “I love you…” he sobbed. “You don't love me!” His head shot up in shock. “You did this to me Chanyeol! You left me with Jackson the first time and I almost drowned.” Chanyeol saw her eyes darkening and tried pressing on her cut to stop the bleeding. “Stop! You're just upset, you're hurt, just sto-” she slapped him. “No! You stop. You're in the hospital and this is me right now. You just had to fight Jackson didn't you? Didn't you! No I'm dead all because of you, now wake up Chanyeol, wake to this nightmare in the real world. Wake up! Chanyeol!” “NOO! No!” He screamed feeling someone on both arms. “Chanyeol! Chanyeol stop! Hey calm down!” Sehun said holding his right arm while Lay held the left. “Where's y/n?! I need to see her please!” He said trying to get out of bed. “Stop stop stop, she's fine, her and Mackenzie are on there way, you need to stay in bed.” Chen said placing his hand on the bed. Chanyeol looked around the room all of Exo was looking at him like he just had a heart attack. They were standing up with their eyes wide and mouths open. “No! No he has her, she got stabbed! We need to help her!” He said still scared from his dream. “Chanyeol calm down it was just a dream D.O just got off the phone with her!” Sehun said slightly pushing him back onto the bed. “What happened last night man?” Lay asked fixing the blanket. “And in that dream, you wouldn't stop screaming?”Baekhyun asked brushing a hand through his hair. “Guys please…..” Chanyeol said beginning to cry. “I need to make sure she’s ok…...I need to know she's not dead…I need her to know I love her...” he said as his voice started to get scratchy. “Chanyeol, tell us what happened, she's fine, we promise.” Suho said seeing he was about the tear up himself. “She was with her ex, at home, her home! He stabbed her, I couldn't run fast enough to catch her…… I tried…….I tried” he sobbed into Sehun arms, while Baekhyun and Kai started crying along with him. Y/N’s Pov: You had gotten out of the car rushed to the front desk. “Hello, how may I help you?” She said a little on edge on how fast you came in but you didn't care. “Chanyeol, Park Chanyeol please.” You asked quick. She started typing as Mackenzie and Jimin came in. “He's in room 304, on floor 3.” You smiled. “Thank you.” You turned to Mackenzie and quickly yelled. “Room 304 floor 3!” Then you took off running to the stairs, you needed the exercise anyways. You got to the room and knocked on the door, you knew the guys were there too so you wouldn't be completely alone. “Come in!” D.O said from the other side of the door. You opened the door and saw: Kai, Chen, Xiumin and Suho leaned against the wall, Baekhyun and Lay in the chairs and Chanyeol sitting on the edge of the bed have Sehun give him water. Once he saw you he gave Sehun the cup and stood up, you ran into his arms and you too fell to the ground sobbing. “You're ok…..oh thank god you're ok!” He cried petting your hair. “Me?! You're the one that got hurt! Chanyeol I'm so sorry!” You cried into his chest. “No y/n I'm sorry” your head shot up. “Guys can you give us a minute?” They nodded and left the room while you both got up and sat on the bed. “Y/n I swear that girl is just a slut, I've never seen her before in my life, she kissed me and I had her kicked out….I didn't know it was you that left….I'm so sorry, I-” “hey! I told bts to not let you in last night, I should have let you in and talked to you, I'm sorry too.” He smiled and brought you in for another hug. “If you don't want to take me back….I understand, but can I have you as my best friend again?” He said pulling away slowly. “Of course I'll still be your best friend dork!” You pushed him to the side jokingly. He smiled again and gave you another hug. “Even if your not mine, I'll always love you.” He said into your neck. “I'll always love you too Chanyeol, I love you too.” You said playing with his hair.
WHAT !!! no get back together ..come on 😦😦😕😕
I am completely hooked on this story. I need to know what happens next! Thank you for updating it so quickly! 😊
I honestly love writing this story, and I'm glad your like it too. 💕 working on part 11 now