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Well Hello Beautiful ARMY!

This week in the BTS Community, it's all about non-title tracks. BTS has so many amazing singles and title releases that sometimes it's easy to forget they have other songs too. In fact, they have so many incredibly good tracks that it's hard to narrow it down to a list of favorites. However, I have come to you with two songs that I absolutely love and can't ever seem to get enough of.

"First Love"

This song is Yoongi's solo track off the Wings album, released last year.

This song is so packed with messy emotion and complete restraint. Yoongi is a masterful story teller and you can hear and feel his skill in every note of this song. In "First Love", Yoongi tells the story of his love affair with the piano. It's poignantly beautiful. You can feel the years of pain, hope, desperation, heartache and admiration throughout the piece. I love the arrangement of strings and of course piano, the slow build as he tells the story and the intense climax.

Honestly, this song impresses the pants right off me. Yoongi wrote, composed, arranged and produced this song. When I first listened to the Wings album, this was the song that stood out to me. It still is. When I listen to it, I'm transported somewhere else in both mind and mood. I feel I relate to this piece in a sort of way which I cannot articulate.

Luckily for all of us, Yoongi never left the piano for long. He always goes back to his first love.

Here is Yoongi performing "First Love" at the Wings tour in Seoul on 2/18/2017. I am very much looking forward to seeing this performed live when they tour here in the US.

"Let Me Know"

This is another Suga brain child; written, composed and produced by the brilliant Min yoongi. It's off the Dark & Wild album released in 2014.

This has been my favorite BTS songs since I fell into the fandom and is one of my top songs overall. It's gut-wrenchingly beautiful. Just, ugh.... my feels are seriously not okay.

Each member has a chance to let their talents and vocal abilities shine. The lyrics are just devastating and the orchestrations enhance that effect. Jimin's high notes at the end are pretty much out of this world. I point them out to people all the time (especially non-kpoppers). Everything about this song is perfection.

I love the live performances of "Let Me Know". They are so effecting. BTS are true artists.

Suga is the mastermind behind both of the tracks that I selected to highlight, not because it was required for us to choose songs by or having to do with the member of BTS which we represent, but because Suga/AgustD/Min Yoongi is a musical genius and I LOVE the art he creates.

first love is just so powerful
It is. I agree. It just hooks me every time I listen to it.
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