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Jessica followed Doodle through the dense woods to a pond and ducked into his little hole. She looked around in amazement with all his trinkets, swords, shields and daggers hanging on the walls. She noticed some pictures sitting on a mantle of a young Korean man and his wife,

"Is this the Prince?", Jessica asked.

Doodle scowled, "You really think the prince is that good looking? You silly woman, that is me before I was cursed to be a woodland elf."

"That was you?", Jessica asked shocked. "Why were you cursed?"

"Same reason the Prince is cursed to change into a Snow Wolf every full moon," Doodle said. "She is angry again. So I was taken from my wife and new baby to fight her and she turned half the army into woodland elves. I was a handsome man once, went by the name of YoungJae. I miss my wife, I used to live in your world. Now I'm stuck here until the chosen one comes home. That's why I'm so happy you're here!"

"Wait, so what the Shaman back in the village said is true?", Jessica still shocked continued to pepper Doodle with questions. "Why do I have to fight? I don't know how to fight!"

"When we get you into training you will remember," Doodle assured Jessica. "It's been 100's of years since you were banished. She knows you're home to take your revenge."

"What is the Prince's name?", Jessica asked curiously.

"Jackson," Doodle responded. "His name is Jackson and he has a fraternal twin brother who disappeared when they were kids. No one know what happened. And his best Knight is Mark, they guy can wield a sword like no one I've ever seen. If Jackson didn't make himself well known as the Prince of Narnia, Mark would easily be mistaken for a Prince instead of a Knight."

"Mark must be pretty handsome then," Jessica stated.

"He's handsome alright," Doodle responded. "People can also take Mark more seriously than Jackson. It's no wonder he got himself cursed, he taunts people and goofs around too much."

"So who is SHE?", Jessica asked. "I don't know how to train for someone or something I don't know about."

"She is the wicked Queen come back to turn Narnia into a snow covered forever cold land again. We don't mind snow in the winter when it comes, but winter all the time? I had to fight that big war and that's when I became this. I am immortal and as long as I am a woodland elf I will never grow old." Doodle sat down on a stool sadly and held the picture of him and his wife. "I miss her, Jessica. Help me go home."

"I don't know how," Jessica said. "But, if you introduce me to the right people and help me train to fight the evil Queen, I will do my best!"

"OK huntress Jessica, let's go!", Doodle said excitedly. "I have some other friends I want you to meet!"

"Are they elves too?", Jessica asked.

"A couple of them are," Doodle giggled. "The others were turned into a hobbit, a fox and a couple luckily stayed human!"

Doodle took Jessica through a winding path of talking tree and animals, a little two tailed black and white fox came bounding at them and pounced on Doodle.

"Junior!", Doodle yelled excitedly, "How is the day?"

"The sun is shining and I hear the chosen one is here," Junior said. "This is a glorious day!"

"Junior, meet Jessica," Doodle pointed in Jessica's direction. "She's the huntress who was banished to the other world during the battle, remember?"

"Yes, I remember you," Junior said in a low growl. "How did you get back? Why did you come back?"

"I followed a glowing path of blue bubbles to an armoire in Andong, South Korea," Jessica said. "I am on vacation with some friends and a crazy shaman lady told me I am the chosen one who will bind to worlds together."

Junior the fox gasped, "You're the chosen one, huntress?" He bowed waggling his little butt and two tails in the air. "I'm so happy you're here. Being a fox for a little while was fun, but as the food grows scarce, it's less and less fun."

"Do you have a wife and kids too, Junior?", Jessica asked.

"Me? Oh heavens no," Junior explained, "I was just a rising pop star with amazing dancing skills. Sadly, very single and lonely. Stardom isn't easy, is it YoungJae?"

"You two were pop stars together?", Jessica asked in awe.

"Yep, apart of an up and coming Korean idol group," Doodle said hanging his head. "Then we all got sucked in here because Jackson wanted to be Prince!"

Jessica roared with laughter, "You all got stuck being cursed because of a team mate? That's very greedy of him and not so Prince Charming like. He sounds like he deserves to be cursed."

"I wouldn't say he deserves it necessarily," Junior said. "But he is kind of an asshat."

"Let's go find JB and Yugyeom!", Doodle said excitedly. "They will love to meet Jessica!"

Jessica set off on the trail with Doodle and Junior once more to find their friends. As we wandered through the forest Jessica heard a strange noise behind her and instinctively grabbed an arrow and her bow and aimed in the direction of the sound:
"Don't shoot!", a dwarf yelled. "I'm a friend!"

"It's JB!", Junior smiled as much as he could as a two tailed fox. "JB, the huntress has come home!"

Jessica lowered her bow and placed the arrow back in the pouch, "How did I do that?"

"Your primal instincts are returning, Jessica," JB said as he approached. "You've been gone too long. We've missed you here in the forest."

"what was my role here? How do you all know me so well?", Jessica asked.

"You are the protector of the forest, Jessica." JB explained. "Everyone knows, loves and fears you." JB reached out for a hug and Jessica shrank down a little to give it to him. Jessica isn't very tall, so hugging a dwarf isn't much of a chore.

"We should keep going," Doodle urged. "We still need to find Yugyeom."

As they continued walking the trees began talking more and welcoming Jessica home. She was overwhelmed at how many animals and woodland creatures knew her here. Back in Sacramento she was just shadow working odd jobs in order to make ends meet! Here in Narnia, she was famous! She was in charge of something other than her own pathetic broke ass life. Jessica was begging to change her mind about going back out of the armoire, she was getting comfortable here. Suddenly there was a buzz passed Jessica's ear and she jolted to the right. She grabbed an arrow from her pack and aimed in the direction the other arrow came from:
"Welcome home Huntress," a sexy deep voice emerged from the thicket. "We've missed you."

A handsome blond haired Asian man came out of the bushes strapping his bow over his back along with an elf sword. His pointy elf ears wiggled with delight at seeing Jessica and he extended his arms out for a hug.

"I thought you said two of you were left human," I looked at Doodle.

"Yeah, Jackson, Mark and Bam Bam are still human," Doodle said. "This is the other elf, he's just...bigger than me."

Yugyeom continued to reach out to Jessica for a hug and she gave in. "I'm glad to see you home, babe." He said embracing her in his muscular elf arms.

"BABE?!" Jessica asked confused. "I'm your girlfriend?"

"You don't remember?", Yugyeom asked totally astonished and heart broken. "When I was still human we were engaged! You really don't remember?"

"She remembers nothing, Yugyeom," Doodle said gently. "We need to be gentle. She may recognize faces but not really be able to put things into perspective just yet. Fill her in on details as we walk."

"Who is Bam Bam?", Jessica asked.

"He's a lucky one who got away from the curse," Junior said. "We haven't been able to find him yet. He just...disappeared."

"Hopefully he didn't turn to the cold side and start working for HER," Yugyeom said coldly. "I would be greatly disappointed."

"Didn't you say Prince Jackson had a fraternal twin who disappeared?", Jessica asked.

"Bam Bam being Jackson's twin? No way! They look nothing a like!", JB said.

"Hence being fraternal twins," Jessica said scowling. "Fraternal twins don't look like each other identical twins do!"

JB hung his head low in shame for not understanding completely, he wasn't the brightest in the bunch but they loved him anyway. JB and everyone else is an important piece of the puzzle! And for Jessica, this was a like putting together a 3D 1,000 piece puzzle. She had no recollection of being a huntress in another realm and had no idea who these boys would be in the "realm" she just came from. She can't say the "real world" because to them, this is real, it's very real! The battles, the curses and the shapeshifting is all real for them and now it is real to her.

The group came around a bend and heard horses approaching quickly, they all backed off to the side, Jessica grabbing Junior and holding him close so he didn’t get run over. Junior began to purr like a cat as Jessica pet him and played with his tails. The men on horses stopped:
"Greetings Huntress, I heard you were back in Narnia," said a golden haired Asian boy high on his white steed. "Welcome home, huntress, your bow and arrow are in high demand."

"Who are you?", Jessica asked. "And how do you know who I am?"

The boy laughed throwing his head back, "You are funny huntress. I am Sir Mark, Prince Jackson's right hand. I will be happy to escort you and your friends back to the palace to meet the Prince himself so you may present your bow to his army."

I looked at JB, Doodle, Yugyeom and the purring Junior in my arms for confirmation that this would be OK. They all nodded accept Junior who just continued to purr and nuzzle into Jessica's breast.

"OK Sir Mark, we will follow you," Jessica said holding her head high attempting to be authoretive and not show how terrified she really was.

"Great, follow me," Mark said turning his horse about with the rest of the knights behind him.
We walked a good half mile before reaching the castle gates, Mark lead everyone in to the courtyard and asked them to wait there while he notified the Prince of their arrival. Jessica set Junior down and let him scamper about like the little two tailed fox he is with all his energy. He spotted a chicken coop and began to hunker down for a pounce. A guard caught him in mid pouncing stance and yelled:
"Those are the Prince's chickens, fox! If you're hungry for one wait for dinner."

Junior did as he was told but pouted none the less. He coward back to Jessica's feet and begged to be picked up again so he wouldn't cause anymore trouble. Shortly after Jessica picked Junior back up they heard the trumpets sound to make the announcement the Prince was on his way. They watched in anticipation for the Prince to walk through the crowd of Knights, and that he did. Prince Jackson made his grand entrance with his generously adorned silver crown, ice blue thrown robe gilded in white gold, his silver knee high boots and raven black pants and ruffled blouse with a white gold chain dangling around his neck. His broad shoulders, fine jaw line and piercing brown eyes took control of Jessica and she dropped Junior unknowingly. Junior snarled at Jessica in discomfort of being dropped carelessly and not receiving any form of an apology or scratch behind the ear to make him feel better. Jessica just continued to stare at Prince Jackson as he entered the court yard. Junior plopped himself in front of Jessica as her guard and proceeded to snarl and frill his fur at the Prince.

"Huntress, welcome home!", Prince Jackson shouted with a smile raising his hands. "Welcome to my castle and thank you for bringing my friends along, I missed them."

"If you missed them so much why don't they live here?", Jessica managed to utter angrily. "Why are they living in the forest where you ignore them?"

The Prince scoffed, "I talk to them often enough! Besides, they know how to find me." The Prince sighed heavily and rolled his eyes, "Anyway, follow me, we shall dine and drink fine wine tonight in celebration of your return."

The Prince turned about face throwing his robe behind him and sauntering away. Jessica had no idea what she was getting herself into by being in the Prince's clutches. Her new friends would have to be her conscience, otherwise things would end very very badly.

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