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Hey there! It's True Love Tuesday, and today we're taking a break from the romance because bromance entails a special kind of love, too! It's BroTP time!

Shizuo Heiwajima x Celty Sturluson - Durarara!!

So many BroTPs, so little card, and this anime alone has a whole network of them, like any cross-section of Walker x Erika x Anri x Celty x Mikado x Masaomi... I could go on, but any one of those x's to name a few, but I'm going with these two! They're just born to be besties or something! They always seem to be chilling together and have the most level heads of anyone - even if one of them doesn't have a head!
Bonus: occasionally Izaya guest-stars!
I swear, nothing weird is happening here! Shizuo's just really gung-ho about killing Izaya, so nothing out of the ordinary!
Not my confession, but still...

PS: I gotta give a shoutout to Yoruichi Shihoin x Kisuke Urahara, my barely edged out first runner up which doubles as BroTP and OTP in my book!

So share your favorite BroTP with us!
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I haven't watched this anime yet, I wonder if it's worth it
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@OtakuDemon10 me too ^^
xD lol i remember Anri asked Celty about "Shizaya" and Celty just kinda shivered and said she didnt want to entertain the thought
just remembering Erika going all fujoshi over them😂
xD haha poor Shinra and Izaya. Got their loves taken away.
I'm not big on Shizaya, personally (I kinda ship Shizuo x Vorona, actually), but I ship the shit out of Celty x Shinra! This week's just platonic, so I hope they don't get jealous! lol 😉