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This card is a day early simply because I am going to be a bit busy tomorrow (Wednesday) and I need to start posting, so I will be doing that!

Now, onto introduce today's topic... This week, the BTS Mod Squad are covering non-title songs from the bts boys. I have many songs to talk about because BTS have a lot of great songs but I will only talk about five songs for today.

✲ We On ✲

This song came out in the album "O!RUL8,2?" back in 2013. The genre could easily be described as a type of hip hop/ rap song. We On is also a diss track to their haters and in my opinion, it slays. The beat of this song, along with the raps and vocals really all tie up together in creating a perfect harmony.

✲ Dead Leaves ✲

Dead Leaves is a song released in the fourth mini album: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt. 2. This song is a beautiful ballad like song with vocals that make you feel very calming. The lyrics are sad like, but also leave a peaceful and calm serenity like atmosphere in its wake. This song is easily my favorite song from this album simply because of how it makes me feel.

✲ House Of Cards ✲

House Of Cards is another track released in the fourth mini album. This song (extended version) is a song that gives me the type of feeling that the movie, "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" give me. This song gives off another calm vibe with the vocal line giving off that really soothing yet scary feel. It gives off a sexy yet innocent type of vibe as well, and overall this song is just beautiful.

✲ Fun Boys ✲

This song was a song released in the album: "The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt 1." This song makes me want to jump around and scream the lyrics of this song. It starts off with, "We're here, fun boys!" and starts with Yoongi. (I could honestly picture him jumping up and down when recording this song) The lyrics and song itself just make you want to sing along and as a bonus: Taehyung's deep voice makes me happy.

✲ Does That Make Sense? ✲

This song was released in their "Dark & Wild" album back in 2014. The genre of this song is "Trot," and it's honestly very soothing to listen to. The lyrics of the song is fit the beat and vocals very well. Let's just say that i am more than in love with this song.


✲ Awake ✲

This song was released in their "Wings" album. It is Seokjin's solo track and in my opinion, this song is probably one of the saddest bts songs. Not only did Seokjin pour out his feelings, but he poured out his fear. His fear of not being good enough and to me, that was enough to not only fall in love with him more, but it also prompted me to want to support him even more. All BTS members need love and Seokjin is a bts member, so he needs love as well.

I know I only said five songs... but I mean, gotta show love to the member I represent, right? heheh... Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this card! Thank you!