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Hello everyone! Welcome back to Zelo Thursdays! Late, yes, but Vingle hasn't been letting me post. *rolls eyes* I'm not sure when this will be up, but I hope soon!

This week, I want to show you some of Zelo's aegyo!
This one is one of me favorites~

He goes from charismatic rapper, to cute maknae, and back to charisma again;;

Here's the last one, haha!

BONUS: Youngjae, Zelo, and Jongup doing the Aegyo Confession Song~~~

In the comments, tell me who you think has the best aegyo in B.A.P!

Thanks so much again for tuning in! I'll see you next Thursday! ❤

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Note: None of the photos or videos are mine, so credit goes to the owners~ ^^ Credit for the photos goes to the lovely fansites so took them~
I can't he's so cute
Zelo is so precious 😍
So trueee~~~