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AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... (thats all I have to say)

JK xD IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! Im sooo excited to see this film! AND I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! Is that END? NALU? MANGA RELATED? just ahhhhhhhghdksjg
i just heard this is a video game....im not sure if its true but I'll be disappointed if it is a game and not a movie :-(
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nah its not :) its a film for sure... comes put may 6th in japan
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I might have liked this trailer, if only I knew what they were saying
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haha yh xD crunchyroll just released a video explaining abit more about the film and the trailor.. i think its on their youtube channel, if that helps :)
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@Luce2015 it's a movie
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