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ALRIGHTY Here is another One shot I hope you all enjoy it...I wrote this super fast even though i didnt think id be able to.

Please comment if you have and feedback.
Finally we were going on a date to the movies. I had been bugging him for a week now. I was so excited. We went to see 50 Shades Darker. He really didn't want to see some guy get lucky while he didn't. The way he said it made me laugh. When we walked into the theater there wasn't that many people in it. We picked the back row in the middle. This was my fave seat because I didn't have to worry that someone would sit behind me. About a good portion into the Movie I turned to Kai. He was biting his lip. I glanced down and could see that he had a hard on. I smiled. I pretended to not notice and placed my hand on his pants. I started rubbing and adding friction to him. "(Y/n)" He whispered with a slight moan escaping. I glanced around, double checking that there was no one around us. We had the whole row to ourselves and the row in front of us was empty. I moved the arm rest and quickly went to his buttons removing them quickly. I pulled his pants down just enough to see his boxers and I was able to pull him out of the hole in his boxers. I grabbed his hard cock and started rubbing him. At first I was slow and then I started rubbing faster. He bit his lip to try to contain his moans.

"Oh god." he whispered out. I took him all the way in my mouth and started bobbing up and down on his cock. I'd slow down and let my tongue lick around his hard member and trace the veins. He grabbed my hair and pushed me down so I'd take him more in my mouth. I let him hit the back of my throat a few times before I forced him to let go of me. When he did I completely took my mouth off of him and stroked him a few times. "(Y/n) don't tease me." he warned I smirked. "Are you going to punish me if i do?" I whispered into his ear. Before he could answer I crawled onto his lap. Me still being clothed I rocked my hips back and forth causing more friction to happen between us. I could feel him against me and it was just making me hornier by the second. I knew he wanted in but I was not going to let that happen just yet. He grabbed my clothed boob and squeezed it a few times. Then he had enough and slipped his hand under my shirt. He lifted it up enough and lifted my bra up and took one of my nipples in his mouth. I moaned too loud, but best part was that they were moaning in the movie at that point. I pressed myself more into him. With just a short bit of foreplay He was done. "Get off." he stated then after I moved he put himself back in his pants and stood up and then pulled me out of the theater. He glanced around and then pulled me into the men's room. He picked the largest stall and slammed the door shut and locked it then slammed me against the door. Taking my lips with his as his hand went down to my pants and unbuttoned them then slipped his hand into my panties. He found my clit and started rubbing.

"Fuck the foreplay." I said between kisses. "Oh yeah? Is it because you're so wet for me?" He smirked "I want you to fuck me so hard right now." That must have been the perfect words because he quickly pulled my pants completely off and then shoved his down. I turned around so I was facing the door and then he slammed into me. I let out a scream of pleasure. He started off slow thrusting into me and then getting faster. He reached around and as he thrusted his fingers found my clit and started rubbing it. He knew what to do to make me go crazy. I didn't want to contain my moans so I let them rip. Every Time he hit the right spot I moaned. "Fuck Kai, uh Harder baby! Fuck me real good." "Oh thats hot." As I was getting near my climax the door to the bathroom opened and Kai stopped moving as well as I did. He quickly pulled out and I turned around. I picked up my pants and set them on the little hanger on the door and had Kai sit down on the toilet. When he did I slipped him back into me as I sat on him. I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned forward. "Let me take thrusting baby." I licked his ear and nippeled on it. He nodded. I slowly and quiet lifted myself up and down on his member. I loved that someone walked in. I had control over the torture I placed on Kai. It felt like the guy was in the bathroom forever. Once he left Kai stood up and once again slammed me against the stall door.

"My turn." He smirked and Slammed into me continually over and over. Neither of us caring anymore. More moans came out of us. "Oh fuck I'm about to Cum." Kai said "Me too baby." He slammed into me a few more times and exploded his seed into me, and letting out a sexy moan as he released all of his seed into me. This sensation threw me overboard and I came as well. He pulled out and wiped himself off while i just slipped my underwear back on. After fixing ourselves we left the stall. He went to the door first and peeked out.

"Alright let's go." he said and pulled me out of the bathroom. "Hey that's not the way to the theater." i said as he was pulling me in the opposite direction.

"I know. We don't need to see that movie anymore. We are going home to have some more fun." He smirked and pulled me out of the Movie theater.

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super hot!
GOD DAMNNNNN that sexy ass beast i swear boiiiiii~!! dont even try to mess with the feels rn square up boiii~
he's gonna be a daddy now if they keep it up lol